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Keep a baby fed, changed, warm, and in all ways physically comfortable, but deny them human touch they will often die. The deluded atheist will often contend that mankind does not have a mind, but just a brain. That consciousness is not real, all is merely the firing of synaptic nerves reacting to stimuli according to its Darwinian training. That is to say, life is composed of breathing, eating, and reproducing, everything else is superfluous

The average human being is a walking-talking refutation of the we are our brain hypothesis. Keep any adult warm, fed, and physically comfortable, but in a sterilized environment devoid of any human contact, they will either go insane or commit suicide. We are not machines, we must have social interaction. Being alive is not the object of life, it is living in the metaphysical sense that drives us. If we are not allowed to live in this way, that is to interact, meet people, exchange thoughts both verbally and through facial expressions, then life has no point. Again, most people facing such a prospect will choose death, rather then a life perceived as one of perpetual torture.

This truth is missing in the current stay at home debate. It is not just the millions who have lost their jobs, and their businesses, therefore much of their purpose in life, but the denial of social contact. Some can get by with lesser amounts of interactions then others, and some almost none, but for most all it is essential. Not having a certain level of interaction will result in a loss of their desire to keep breathing.  Human interaction is as needed as the air they breathe, and the food they eat.

The mass stay at home orders, social distancing, stopping school and church attendance, and mask wearing is akin to an experiment in mass social deprivation.  Such experiments have been carried out before, but not on this scale. The fact is, there is a limit to how long people can and will tolerate such restrictions. The lashing out seen is not the ravings of lunatics, as the leftist want to portray them, but an inevitable result of over the top requirements by out of control politicians. At some point, people reach their limit.  Like a person grasping for air, or desperate for water or food, people start to demand their lives back. Breathing is not living, we are not just our brains, and we need more than to breathe, eat, and reproduce; we must have meaning to our lives or we will start to die.

The mass implementation of psychological torture has to end. For those more afraid of a virus than they feel a need to interact, let them hold up in their perceived safe space. For those reaching their limit, people who no longer can tolerate the restrictions imposed on them, they must be allowed to do that which is essential to living.

Viruses be damned, at some point the remote possibility of death is outweighed by the certainty of losing our reasons for being alive. Death is not the worst that can happen to a man, and living not always its own reward, truths we all know even if we try to deny them. Risk is part of living life, and risk avoidance when it starts reducing our ability to live a worthwhile life has never been accepted.  It is why we do not all drive 15 mph, we prefer even the risk of death over the prospect of the certain denial of living our lives to the fullest. There is likely a reason the talking heads on TV do not have, among their displayed experts, psychologists talking about the ramification of all of this on our mental health.

If common sense would of prevailed, and we simply restricted interactions based on risk factors, and gave recommendations for those at low risk, we could of gone a long time before psychological toll got excessive for most.  A strategy, given it could of been implementable for a longer period of time, and possibly been more effective. Going overkill, making demands that have had devastating effects on our humanity, was a long term counterproductive strategy.

At some point, which is now being reached, draconian policies, such as we have, become no longer tolerable.  Living life becomes much more important than some small possibility that one could die. It is time for this massive psychological experiment to end, not because the danger has passed, but that the need to protect has been exceeded by the need to be human again.

“The Conservative Mind”

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