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Dedicated to presenting and promoting informed discourse. The Conservative Mind follows the tradition of American and early British conservatism. Men like John Locke, Edmond Burke, Lord Acton, the American founding fathers, Lincoln and others who loved freedom. It seeks to advance the struggle to maintain economic and individual freedom in a world seemingly bent on restricting both.  A place where demagoguery is exposed and honest discourse is held.


I am an avid reader and thinker dedicated to the ideas of freedom and personal responsibility. I believe the first step is to an enlightened point of view is to know what one believes and why he believes it. Animals live on instinct, those that base viewpoints on feelings alone are operating on a similar plane. To be a conservative means you have to of thought about the what and whys of life; that you base your thoughts on experience, both your own and that of others. To that end I have spent time researching economics and philosophy. I have read literature from all sides: Locke and Rousseau, Smith and Marx, Friedman, Keynes and a host of others.  I know and understand both sides and why one is infinitely preferable to the other.

As a conservative I also know human beings are fallible and cannot be led by reason alone; experience and tradition must be relied on as well. They are what give us insight and direction when reason alone cannot. They cannot be substituted for the lofty ideas and good intentions of the liberal mind. Progress that does not use the wisdom of experience for its foundation is nothing more then the foolishness of uniformed minds. The best built houses must be constructed on solid foundations and so it is with societies.

Finally, as a person who works for the federal government my free speech is somewhat abridged. For this reason I presently write with a certain level of anonymity. What I say and write in no way should be construed as the opinion of  the government or those in power. The fact is as a person looking from the inside I see daily the incompetence of big government and see its downsizing, both in power and people, necessary for this republic to endure.

2 thoughts on “About The Conservative Mind”

  1. Mary Cole said:

    I just found your site and look forward to reading all of your work.

    The way I found it…someone posted your video ‘Do You Think You Know Sarah Palin. As I am an avid Sarah Palin supporter, I would LOVE to share this in my groups and on our pages. I love the transcript that you added at the ending as reinforcement to your video..but…

    This is definitely not meant to be a criticism…although you might want to edit the transcript as there are many spacing edits needed. It is too good not to made it the best it can be.

    Thank you so much for sharing this info with us who are like-minded as your! GOD bless!

  2. Matthew, I sent a email response a week ago, let me know if you got it.

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