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Do the Riots in Minneapolis Forebode Greater Civil Unrest for the US?

The left has one thing it is good at, dividing people. The French Revolution divided out people who were part of the aristocracy, and religious establishment, the communist divided out the successful, the progressives divided out people by genetic superiority among others, and in the sixties people were called out for being part of the power structure (the man as they called it). For the left, there has always been groups they saw as their enemies. Today their hate is aimed in many directions, but still according to groupings.

The riots we’ve seen are a case of a tragedy made manifestly worse by the left. Now we see idiots wanting to disband the police, like that will make people safer? It seems we are caught in an alternate reality where the answer to a headache is to bang your head until the pain on the outside is greater than that within.

The present poison is to concentrate more on “diversity.” Somehow, the insanity does not seem to stop. We are in a devil’s loop, where the more we get divided, the more we promote diversity, the more division we create, the more divided we become.  There is no end to this kind of madness, and the left keeps pushing it harder and harder. Diversity, as the left defines it, is not our strength, it is our damnation.

People vary tremendously more between individuals then they do among groups.  We also have more in common than we have areas of differentiation.  The result is we can only truly judge people according to individual merit.  We have known this for a very long time.  We must take people how we find them, and judge them on their individual actions, anything else is bigotry.

Black Lives Matter is a group of self-identified bigots as much as the Aryan brotherhood; ANTIFA are more fascists than those they declare to be their enemies, and the people attacking and burning the property of innocent people as bad or worse than the cops who kneeled on Floyd’s back. Declarations of white privilege is a call to hate similar to Marx, and calls for diversity according to group identity a way to divide people against each other.  Inclusion by group is exclusion of individuals who do not fit some artificial mold. This is not radical thought. it is common sense.  If you want to bring people together you concentrate on commonalities, not their superficial differences. What part of that is so hidden people can’t see it?

The world is coming apart and all people seem to want to do is widen the cracks. The only solution is to stop the dividing. George Floyd died in a collision of individuals. On one side you had at least the officer in charge, (maybe as a group, who knows) who saw fit to call on his fellow officers to use normal temporary restraining techniques beyond the need to, contributing to his death. On the other hand, there was a man whose life decisions had set him on a downward spiral, and on a collision course with a set of policemen. Floyd’s death was both avoidable, and inevitable. He may of been normally a kind man who was good to his fellow man, or not, I am in no position to judge. We do know his health was failing, and his lifestyle was such that his future was bleak. If he could have turned it around, we will never know. The officers whose actions helped ensure he never got the chance were bullies, there is little evidence, so far, they were racists. If anyone thinks they would have treated a white biker high on whatever differently are fooling themselves. This was a collision of individuals, not groups.

Having worked in part of the law enforcement world, people who are drawn to careers like police often are of two types. Hero types who want to save and protect others, and bullies. The academies and recruiting mechanisms are designed to weed out the bullies. While doing a very good job of it, they can’t and do not catch all. That is life, we deal with the errant individuals one at a time, while being thankful for the good majority willing to risk their lives for ours. It is what we all deserve, to be judge by who we are, not some stereotype that is always more wrong than right.

I have worked around the world with Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and atheists, led groups whose ethnicities were historically opposed to each other.  To lead a “diverse” group of people, one can’t treat them as groups. To do so results in divisions and conflict, all must be treated fairly and taken as individuals. This means, while you accept their individuality, including cultural differences, their various group identities must be ignored. By concentrating on factors that unite, and treating each person with respect and looking at them as individuals, you create an atmosphere of cooperation. Most importantly, you bring people together.  Having done this in many countries, across many cultures, the formula is one that is not only logical, it is proven beyond any shadow of doubt.

What is also proven, the more we divide people up, the more they are divided.

“The Conservative Mind”

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