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The left always ends up turning in upon itself.  The victimhood mentality seems to cultivate a competition amongst its adherents that evolves into hate. The French Revolutionaries eventually killed off the Girondins, Lenin purged fellow communists; Castro killed off those who questioned his revolution’s direction, and in the sixties the radicals turned against the old guard left. Today’s leftists are no different. In an age of what’s in it for me, the left has perpetuated victimology into a science of intersectional pathology. Each person claiming some right to be pandered to, and justifying why they shouldn’t have to care about the feelings of others. For them, it is all about me, me, me, poor pathetic me, living under such brutality; subsequently they demand the world take notice of their supposed misery and bow to their whims for justice sake. It is an attitude bound to end in conflict.

Today the feminists are taken aback by the transgender movement’s claims of gender fluidity, which also disses gays who claim there are genetic origins for their sexual preferences.  Black Lives Matter has protested Democrat politicians more than they have Republican ones. In the present primary, Bernie bros have nothing but disdain for the Democrat Party’s undemocratic ways. In fact, the Democrat party has become a poster child for intolerance, with the most militant among them demanding conformity to the most outlandish of the left’s ideas, or face an onslaught. Make no mistake, like Muslim radicals, the left’s anger towards apostates is as virulent as it is against infidels. If anything, the problem is worse since what constitutes an apostate is a moving target.

Given this, the Democrat’s convention is likely not to be a very civil affair, and the potential use of superdelegate enforcers is not going to make it any more so. Among the participants are likely to be Antifa, Black Lives Matter, socialists, neo-feminists’ pussy brigades, earth climate doomsayers, anti-dairy vegans, and even anarchists; a virtual who’s who of hate. Each, like in the sixties, with an axe to grind against old guard leftists who just aren’t radical enough. The difference being, back then they rebelled against their professors, today the professors are part of the radical movement seeking removal of establishment orthodoxy, regardless of origin.

The rate of evolution within the leftist movement is accelerating, and with that so is the inevitable conflict. There is not only a building backlash in society against the increasingly unhinged madness of the radical left, but also among the various leftists’ factions themselves. So unstable has the left become that there is no way to parody them, or predict their actions. It is becoming a mass of competing psychosis, each simultaneously attacking the status-quo and competing with others for most insane. The fear has been they would reach critical mass, and upend society itself. That is still a possibility, with projects like the New Your Times 1619 project, mainstreaming sexual deviancy, green imperialism and such going full steam ahead, but now it seems just as likely they will self-destruct before they reach a position to make major changes. It is no wonder that the #walkaway and Blexit movements are growing, mass hysteria has a tendency to bring people to their senses as well as infect people with its madness.

The present Democrat Party Primary was a competition of leftist visions. The two remaining on the main stage are a near senile corrupt former vice-president, and a Marxist calling himself a Democratic Socialist (whatever that is).  Clear evidence that the party of JFK is dead. Trump would make either look like fools in a debate, so it is not totally clear either will be allowed to represent the Democrat Party in November. Of course, if a third person is nominated, there is a distinct possibility the party will implode. That said, if Bernie is the nominee, the Party will forever be America’s socialist party (which in essence it already is), with the possibility it goes into an irrecoverable death spiral.  Biden, whose son could be indicted, isn’t sharp enough to debate Trump, and if he wins could become the first president to be removed for mental incapacitation (Wilson probably should have been, but his wife helped him avoid that fate). If there is a way for the Democrat Party to avoid catastrophe in the coming months, it is not entirely clear at this point. They face both annihilation by Trump, and being eaten alive from within.

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