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The devil went down to Georgia
He was lookin’ for votes to steal
He was in a bind, Biden was far behind
And he needed to seal the deal

Historically, the sins of many have been paid for by the innocent.  It is those who have willingly stood up against oppression, often paying the ultimate price, that have made the way for others.  In America’s Civil War, well north of a half-million died so others could be free.  My own ancestors include three brothers, immigrants, who all volunteered to fight for the Union, each committed to a freedom that had not existed in their native lands.  All were wounded, but survived.  Others of my ancestors were not so lucky, buried among the minions in places like Gettysburg.  Paying a debt they did not owe, for sins they did not commit.

The truth is, freedom is not the rule for mankind but the exception.  Life for all of man’s existence has been much more Hobbesian nightmare then any Rousseauian idyllic state of nature, that is to say “Nasty, Brutish and Short.”  It is the belief in Individual Sovereignty, that each man and woman is king and queen of themselves, indisputable sovereigns over their own bodies and minds, that leads to the fact we are a collection of equals; none having the right to rule over the other.  This is the basis of the phrase “all men are created equal.”  An idea that has led men to fight for not only their own freedom, but that of others as well.  Knowing intuitively that which threatens one man’s freedom threatens the freedom of all.

On battlefields from Bunker Hill to Normandy and beyond, to protestors attacked by dogs and plagued by arrest, those assassinated by ideologues, and officers killed defending others, the fight to maintain liberty is never won.  The great weight of human nature is upon us, and means we must continually strive for the prize, for rest is but another term for sliding back to the abyss.  Each generation must fight for its freedom, and lay the foundation for the next to do the same.  If we fail to live up to the task, freedom will falter and liberty is lost.

If we stand aside as the rights of others are trampled on, we are but treading water until our turn will inevitably come.  Today, there are those who thought it okay to demonize half of America’s population as Nazis, Klansmen, and bigots.  Woke warriors, taking cues from these demagogues, have sought to silence opposing opinions on social media, to close the businesses of non-submissive owners, and get coworkers fired for not towing the tribal line.  Abandoning friends and disavowing family that did not agree with their increasingly radical positions, some of these same people started attacking political foes in restaurants, stores and on the street, as certain media members and politicians egged them on.  Most of the victims were merely driven out of the public square, while others were hospitalized and even killed.  Senator Rand Paul was nearly killed by an unhinged leftist on an ideological jihad.  When businesses inevitably started to be burned, and those speaking up against the carnage attacked mercilessly, many of the left lined up to cheer.

The country has become a battleground of ideologically possessed warriors for whom nothing short of annihilation of opposing views will ever be acceptable.  Much of the Democratic Party is now in the hands of these ideologues possessed by Western Marxist ideas, and willing to do anything necessary to advance their agenda.  The party now communicates nearly exclusively using fear, envy, and guilt in order to inspire marionette like strings of hate and rage.  Those who listen without the filter of common sense react to those who tug on their ideological chains in knee-jerk fashion.

This leftist tribalism is a disease upon our house, a pestilence upon our society, and a threat to our country as well as others who desire to live free.  In such a fractured society, trust is broken.  For those on the receiving end, how can they trust those who think them demons and wish their destruction?  On the other side, who would give quarter to those considered human slime?

The left is the guilty party at this point, but there are hints their out of bounds behavior will inspire a backlash, one I believe many of the left desire.  They call Trump Hitler, even as voices opposing him increasingly call for “purging” his voters from society.  They say he is authoritarian for barking his ill-advised comments, but it is they who want to impose biting restrictions on people’s freedoms.  The leftist tribalism, dividing people into “oppressed groups,” has to stop.  It is pushing the country towards bloodshed, and has no foundations for existence.  It is based on lies and half-truths of people like DiAngelo, Kendi and others.  People whose works in tone and logic seem much too in tune with progressive eugenic and NAZI propaganda to feel comfortable.  It is the individual, and respect for him or her, that must be our objective.  We can’t continue down the path of tearing societal foundations apart either.  Motherhood is not a disease, children are society’s most precious resource, and seniors should be honored.  The Nuclear family is not old fashion, but an invention of basic importance.  Nationalism is not a psychosis, but a basis for peace without which democracy is impossible.  It is imperialism, the rise of tribal states like during WWII, and the present fad of sectarian tribal factions that we need to worry about.  Our history is not one of oppression, but of rising out of a quagmire, building on the shoulders of giants whose insights gave rise to those of succeeding generations.  The lies of the left have but one destination, and that is death and misery.  It is not Trump one needs to fear, but the ideologues who now form a cabal.

In the recent election, can one expect that those who believed the other side is evil stood idly by and hoped for the best?  Taking a chance that those many deem worse than Nazis might win?  It is hard to believe that in such an atmosphere, cheating would not take place; indeed there is much to suspect it was widespread in areas where leftist hate has infiltrated the deepest, cities with large poor minority neighborhoods.  Places kept from proceeding out of despair by those for whom despair is the coin of their realm.  There is also little reason to believe a candidate that underperformed Hillary Clinton in almost the entire country, and was not popular among most minorities, somehow managed to vastly outperform the record turnouts of even Obama in a few select populous minority dominated counties, turning the election.   Given the mistrust bred by many within the Democrat party, and a recent history of dishonest behavior in regards to Trump, there is little wonder few Republicans think such an outcome is legitimate; there is also much reason to believe they are right.

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