Lies, Damn Lies and Leftism


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As George Orwell pointed out in the book 1984, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” We live in a world where “alternate truths” have invaded our lives, are infused into our schools, and are broadcast into our homes. It is a strange world where a large part of the populous lives in an alternate universe, consuming ideas that are not only foreign to the other side, but deny science and our common experience as human beings. Like some god of chaos sowing ideas that disrupt society, making it ripe for conquest, the left has worked to disinform and manipulate since the Jacobins’ claimed the queen told the peasants to “eat cake.”

Lies are the stock and trade of the left’s Loki like persona. The embodiment of leftist dreams in the early twentieth century was middle way advocate Benito Mussolini. A darling of the progressive crowd until he wasn’t, his ideas did not die with him, but were adopted by those who would declare him “far right.”

As Mussolini once explained, Fascism is “Not a race, nor a geographically defined region, but a people…a multitude unified by an idea and imbued with the will to live, the will to power.” Fascism is neither blood nor soil, but a state defined by its enforced shared ideology. With “all within the state, none outside the state, none against the state,” it declared null and void property ownership, but instead promoted proprietorship in the vein of Rousseau’s social contract. Bound by ideas, the Fascists’ state was a cabal of politicians, corporations, media, education, and labor, whose sole purpose was to infuse and enforce its ideology on the masses. A monoculture, to deny its edicts was to be the other, the apostate, the unclean, and even evil. Where Mussolini’s Fascist state was driven by a cult of personality, the new left’s fascist aspirations are based in a takeover of all cultural institutions. Where he had his Black Shirts, the new left has Antifa and Black Lives Matter, not to mention billionaire financiers like George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg among others. Nonetheless, they share a belief in cultural and ideological purity and a banning of all ideas in conflict with that vision. They are a multitude unified by ideas and imbued with the the will to have power over others.

It was once hard for Americans to fathom how Germany became Nazi and Italy Fascist. We cringed at the stories of the cult like dictators in the Axis powers, of mass hysteria driven purges in communist China, Cambodia, and the Soviet Union, but our morbid curiosity on how it happened is no more. We see it as students demand their free speech be taken away, widely accepted claims that gender is a cultural construct, and news outlets that lie with impunity. Those that speak up are often destroyed financially, reputations impugned, and even jailed. Many have been attacked for doing nothing more than their jobs. As if not enough, whole communities have been destroyed in the name of social justice, whose justice such actions served is never asked. How is this any different then what happened in the twentieth century?

The fascist state, as the Marxist saint Antonio Gramsci declared, makes the perfect stepping stone between communism and capitalism. The present left has adopted Gramsci’s vision, at the same time embracing neo-Marxist’s Critical Theory. A belief that sees the will to power as the underlying motivation of all social groups, and the unequal distribution of wealth the result of the weak being exploited by the strong; all being either virtuous victims or degenerate exploiters.

The Marxists in this new paradigm are but useful idiots, for those leading this shitshow will likely see no reason to take the next step beyond their fascists’ aspirations. As China has shown, fascists’ methods are more profitable for the elites than communism, and seem to be more sustainable. The belief they can wield political as well as economic influence has got many elitist minds swimming. The Marxists with their Maoists readers and social justice aspirations be damned, the end of their road is serfdom is an oligarchical cabal of ultra-wealthy tyrants. Overseeing a society too fractured and ideologically brainwashed to resist, all will again be forced to live within an ideologically state enforced monoculture, or be damned by it.

Leftist revolutions are born of blood, baptized in intolerance, and sustained by totalitarian methods. They are dictatorships of mind as well as body, and therefore are much worse than any other form of tyranny. No other form of dictatorship is so adept at turning brother against brother, daughters against mothers, and at putting mankind in fear of each other. The leftists’ psychosis is doing the same to the West, and dividing it against itself. If not thwarted, it could destroy freedom for a thousand years. It is the politics of envy that trades in the currency of hate, and serves the interest of the few. Its crimes are many, but that it robs us of our humanity in the name of the same is its greatest crime.

“The Conservative Mind”

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