The Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx, like many icons of the left, was a rich elitist with a penchant for sexual predation and exploitation of others. Despite these charming qualities, he became known as a champion of the masses. He predicates much of his work on a few simple but false premises. First and foremost among these is that wealth is based on labor, and people get rich by confiscation of the excess value of people’s labor. This theory of wealth was known to be false even in Marx’s lifetime. Labor is nothing unless it applies skills and knowledge in a directed fashion. Nonetheless, Marx was able to utilize this falsehood for his own ends. Building on Medieval like class ideas, he utilized this lie to drive a wedge between various classes. Something that has become a familiar tactic of the left, that being the use of anger and division to manipulate others. His solution to his strawman was the creation of a new society, one he new would leave elitist like himself in charge. An evil man whose ideas have resulted in more death and misery than any other human being. Still, one must understand the poison in order to administer the proper antidote.

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