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Fox Business: Car Dealership Burning

After a long hiatus due to concentrating on a book project, I thought it time to address the issues on the streets.

The roving bands, of ANTIFA and BLM rioters, being shipped around the country in order to present themselves as a much larger movement than they really are, are part of a deeper issue in America. It is a problem that goes deep, very deep. It is akin to a slowly advancing cancer taking over its victim’s body. The warning signs ignored, with aches and pains being attributed to other things, or sloughed off as nothing. It is only when it becomes too intrusive to ignore that its full scope is understood, then it is often too late. Our cancer started in the 1950s, and was highlighted by Senator Joseph McCarthy who, while right on the issue, turned his crusade into a circus. It infiltrated our schools, and took over our universities and much of our media while we slept. The changes often elicited complaints of bias but little else. To understand what has been happening, one has to go back to WWII.

Gramsci was a Fascist era communist jailed by Mussolini. Nonetheless, Gramsci admired the socialist’s tactics of his foe, and came to an epiphany of sorts. Writing his comrades, he explained the only way to turn the West communist was to first corrupt is civil society. It was the civil society that held the revolutionary spirit at bay, and would always do so as long as it stayed intact. The goal of communists must be to infiltrate every level of society, attacking its foundations at every turn. A Marxist’s form of guerrilla warfare that never talked about its goals, never speaks openly of communism or revolution, but weakens the enemy’s defenses until such time revolution becomes plausible. His ideas have driven Western Marxists for decades. It is why ANTIFA, a group of WWII German communist agitators that have grown worldwide, are not presented as who they really are, and BLM does not advertise directly its Marxism. It is about undermining society, weakening it, making people question what they have been taught; creating an atmosphere of disillusionment and despair.

The Western Marxist’s Gramscian strategy has turned on one major change to classical Marxism, removing references to Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie; replacing class struggle with power struggles. Something they borrowed from Nietzsche and his idea of the Will to Power. This power struggle is called Critical Theory, a Western Marxist’s (also referred to as neo-Marxism and cultural Marxism) idea that forms the lynch pin of modern Marxism and its anti-Western strategy. Infiltrating our educational system starting in the 1950s, it became, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, extremely influential among teachers of the humanities in Western Universities by the the 1970s. Today, it has a near complete stranglehold on subjects like sociology, psychology, history, English, literature, pedagogy (teaching), and a multitude of subjects and pseudo-studies.

Poisoning minds and devouring souls, this corruption of our society has seeped into every aspect of our lives, even as we slept. The advocacy journalism we see being practiced daily is merely, to the victims of this disease, an attempt to counterbalance the prevailing power structure. What they see as their moral obligation. It, in the form of Liberation Theology, corrupted our churches and undermined Christian ethics. It is seen in leveling accusations of systemic racism, a claim that negates actually having to show examples of racism to declare it exists. It is the reason we have had months of riots, supposedly over racism, even though not a single racist act by police has ever been shown. George Floyd died of a Fentanyl overdose, and complained of an inability to breathe while he was still standing next to officers. The police called the ambulance, restrained him on the ground until it arrived, and one of the policemen performed CPR on him in the ambulance. Instead of noting all of this after the incident and calming the situation down, the Democrats in power fanned the flames by charging the officers with murder; insinuating they put their full weight on Floyd causing pulmonary distress, and killing him; all the while withholding the truth from the public. Criminally inciting riots in a hope that it would result in a political win.

When we see major news outlets acting insane, seemingly wanting to see our cities burn, it is not by accident. The Marxists have been at work for the last seventy-five years undermining our society. They have scored multiple victories, in the war against Western Culture, especially in the past decade. These triumphs have convinced them that the West is teetering on the brink of cultural collapse. At the point of victory, they hit a Trump wall in the U.S., and nationalist movements in Europe. What we see now is a major push to finish the job, no matter what.

What can’t be forgotten, is in this cultural and ideological war, the vast majority of those lending support to the Marxists are not Marxist. Useful idiots, they buy into the Critical Theory arguments and propaganda, never realizing or recognizing it as Marxist. Perhaps ninety percent of BLM supporters do not have a clue about the ideology behind it. They are not evil, but have embraced evil believing it to be good. Many millennials have bought the socialist lies, and are primed for Marxist propaganda. For them it is a welcoming arm giving direction to their meaningless lives. Truth can open the eyes of all but those totally consumed by the hate this ideology inspires.

The hope we have, is the Marxists have played their hand too soon, and we still have a chance. Nonetheless, this is a stage four cancer within our society. Complacency is not an option, and to say the future of our children and grandchildren and theirs as well is not hyperbole. Surrender is not an option, for that means the death of freedom for centuries to come, and genocide in the not so distant future is more likely than not. We must also be braced for the fact it might get worse before it gets better.  The Washington Post is predicting civil war if Trump wins, a sign of their commitment to shove the knife at America’s chest down to the heart. This is our time of testing; do we have enough winter soldiers or have we become fair weather patriots? The enemy is not those rioting in the streets, but a poisonous ideology and the lies it is based on. We must defend against it, with our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor, or we will have none of them left to defend.

“The Conservative Mind”

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