Democracy in America

Th were many Frenchman who played strategic roles in America’s founding, and showed great enthusiasm for its creed. While some mistakenly associated it with radical egalitarianism, many saw it for what it was. Alexis Tocqueville was one of the latter. His travels, across early America, were a sincere investigation. Having seen the abject failure of the French Revolution, he was intent of discovering what made the its experiment in self governance work. country work.

The result of his travels was the masterpieces known as Democracy in America I and II.  His keen insights into what made American tic should be mandatory reading for all students. He not only deciphered why America was a success, he predicted the plausible ways it might one day collapse. His poignant warning regarding the Welfare State were so accurate as to name him among the prophets. No serious conservative intellect can claim such and not have passed this book through their hands.

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