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To be contrarian to the majority, the issue is not that Trump has been too controversial, but that he has not been controversial enough. He has tip toed around issues, forgoing or not emphasizing truth. Being too apologetic to those who would tear him to pieces no matter what he says. What he should do is what he was elected to do, that is speak truth to power, the corrupt powers of the DC “swamp,” and its media allies. In that vein, this is the speech I wish he would speak to the American People.

The world is in upheaval, forces of evil are trying to take the world by storm while we contest with the unseen foe that China unleashed on the world. We will win the second, but the first is more problematic. We are not talking about the peaceful protestor, but the anarchists and Marxists who have been burning businesses, assaulting innocent people, taken over parts of cities, and even murdered. It is a coordinated effort by those who would destroy this country to impose a Utopian vision. That Utopian vision, like those of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Pol Pot, involves violence and ultimately many deaths. It, Like all such movements, ends not in Utopia but hell. Those that wish to kowtow to the violent, to bend to the demands of the unreasonable, will be first in line to be executed if the crazies ever gain the kind of control they seek. We have allowed their false ideology to fester for far too long.

To those who live in poor communities, we are with you, but those that are selling drugs, pimping out your sisters, killing your brothers, and collecting welfare with no desire to work, you have no sympathy here. You have become pariahs on you neighbors, and are part of the problem. Poverty does not turn a place into a slum, people do.  Harlem at a time when people were much worse off economically, was safe with good schools. You could leave your windows open, go out after dark, and kids could play in any park. It was that way right up to when liberal Democrat policies were implemented. It should not be forgotten that Illegitimacy at the turn of the twentieth century among the children of ex-slaves was lower than white Americans.  Even up to the nineteen-sixties the rates were not so far apart. How can that be? The once proud, independent and strong families that marked the black community have been decimated by the infiltration of liberal policies and ideologies. There can be no other explanation, it certainly wasn’t because these traditionally conservative communities became more so. To blame the sudden down turn on slavery, police brutality, or anything else is pure nonsense in light of the facts. It is not a coincidence that the more blacks have voted for Democratic politicians, the more their communities have suffered.

To everyone within the sound of my voice, your citizenship has given you a gift, and many of you are squandering it. While legal immigrants from such places as Nigeria, Jamaica, and Venezuela are succeeding far beyond most native-born Americans, many complain about injustice when they don’t even try. It doesn’t help when police are demonized either, we have claims of police committing racial genocide, what the hell? We had nine unarmed blacks killed last year, whites were about twice that. Of the nine, eight of those were resisting arrest at the time, and one was an accidental weapons discharge.  Not one has been shown to be connected to race.

Study after study shows police are much less likely to shoot a black person than a white one. That is right, less likely. They are often as afraid of being labeled a racist as they are of death.  If shot, the wounds inflicted are much more likely to be lethal if your white as well.  Over the same time period the nine were killed, thousands were murdered by inner city thugs. We have lost about a quarter-million people to murder over the last twenty-five years within our inner cities. Victims and perpetrators inevitably coming from the same communities. Of all those complaining about the police, I do not know of one of them who has said a damn thing about this real genocide.  Even when children are gunned down, the media yawns. They simply do not care! Unlike the police protests, their seems to be very real racism at play by the left, regardless of color. Too many just do not care about black on black crime and its true cause. These are real people dying, all too often it is kids killing kids. These young people represented our nations future, cut down for no good reason. This is not an inner-city tragedy, a black or African American problem, this is an American tragedy, and an American problem. We must fix it. A good start would be to initiate school choice and reverse the liberal policies that have led to inner city rot.

In accordance with that, my heart goes out to those who are trying, but are stuck in sub-standard schools. We desperately want to give you the chance you deserve, but are blocked by liberal politicians at every turn. Democrats who refuse to give those in school districts, with worthless schools, a chance to send their kids to someplace better. School choice is not just the right thing to do, it is a civil right too long denied.

For those sitting in Starbucks complaining about oppression, give me a break. Snot nosed brats who do not have a clue, you are some of the most privilege people on the planet. Talk about your oppression to those living under dictatorships, or the young women who have sold their bodies in third world countries just to get an education or feed their kids. Compare your imagined intersectional oppression with those living in almost any place else on earth. Nonetheless, I do not fully blame you. Your psychosis that is now turning into violence was taught you. You did choose to accept false teachings without question, that is on you of course.  But the real sin lies with those who did you such wrong.

The professors who have used their positions to spread half-truths and lies have no excuse. They know what they do, and are fully to blame for their own actions. Teaching courses that are meant to spread propaganda, and lead to degrees of no value, they are killing dreams and crushing students with debt. The worst part, is that they do not care. They spread their toxic lies, inspiring anger and hate, without a hint of a conscience. More often than not, they do not even teach their own courses, but give that job to not fully qualified undergraduates so they can write worthless papers based, as often as not, on opinion.

With more responsibility, comes more accountability. College administrators, this means the most guilt is yours. You have swollen your ranks on the back of exorbitant college fees, and abandoned your responsibility to give our young adults a well-rounded education. You have driven out opposing voices, putting students in echo chambers. Your leftist racism is self-evident, but you have insulated yourselves from criticism by ousting those who would point your hypocrisy out. You have invented positions who sole purpose is to foment hate. By squelching free speech, failing to protect open debate, and encouraging an atmosphere of competing victimhood, you have failed miserably in your duties. Signing up students into pseudo academic programs that have no economic value, and forcing students, many minorities, into a bondage of debt they can’t ever repay. By putting intelligent minority students into classes with geniuses, you have intentionally set them up for failure so you could make change off their hopes and show more racial diversity. You are morally bankrupt and greed personified.

We live in the most privilege country in the most privilege time of world history. There has never been a less bigoted country, ever. Any child, of any background, can and has achieved the highest ranks, both private and public. The limits on any child are often self-imposed. That is not to say many are not disadvantaged. Kids trapped in failing schools by Democrats who do not want to give their parents a choice is not excusable. Many even wanting to take away choice, like charter schools, from those that already have them. What kind of evil is that?  In addition, many kids are looked in the eye and lied to, told the world won’t let them succeed cause of their skin color, stealing hope and squashing dreams. That along with other liberal policies have led to endemic crime in our poorest neighborhoods. Places that once were safe, and people worked together.

It is no wonder, the victims of lies and manipulation are tearing down statues. They started with memorials to confederate soldiers, forgetting President Lincoln’s admonition of “malice toward none; with charity for all.” Now Lincoln, the great emancipator, himself is not safe. They’ve tore down monuments to abolitionists, and even Fredrick Douglass as well. Mark my words, if this is not stopped, Martin Luther King will not be far behind. As these deluded souls seek vengeance on a history they do not understand, they undermine the principles upon which our society is founded.

Martin Luther King did not rest his claim for equal treatment on thin air, but on the words of our founders. He reached back to the words of Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence. Words that spoke for the first time that rights of a nation’s people are not gifts of a king or any government that they might be easily revoked, but endowed by God. It is on these words, evoking the idea of equality of mankind, that led to the abolition of slavery. That it took a war to finally rid the country of it is not surprising, it was a blight on all cultures from the beginning of time. That it happened at all is something we have the founders, especially George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, to thank. For those who cast stones at the man who laid the foundations of freedom for his participation in that which he condemned, let it be remembered no man worked more tirelessly to abolish slavery at both the federal and state level than Thomas Jefferson.  NO ONE.  That he did not take a mostly symbolic gesture of freeing all his slaves independent of anyone else doing the same, plummeting himself and his family into possible destitution, is high condemnation for those who likely would not have done so either.  I doubt there are few if any alive, if given the choice would of. Yet, it should never be forgotten that he laid the foundations that not only led to a war to make men free, but gave Reverend King the basis upon which to remove Jim Crow a century later.

Now let us again turn back to the words of Abraham Lincoln and, “strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds.” Let it also be known to all the world, we are one people, one nation, bound by a common faith as noted in the words upon which this nation was founded. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” No other nation is based on such ideas, no other people have such a birthright. We are all privileged, every single one. Let us go forward as one people, shed the chains of ignorance and division, and live up to the promise of this country. To eschew the leftist racism of identity politics; instead embracing the Dream of Martin Luther King, judging each man according to his own character, and each circumstance by the facts particular to it. Taking on the responsibility of self-governance as one people and one nation.

“The Conservative Mind”

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