When it comes to Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment drama, a line from Shakespeare comes to mind,” the lady doth protest much too much.” Similar to a snake complaining that the rat isn’t playing fair, she and her surrogates go on at nauseum about the Senate being partisan. Watching this national embarrassment playout, it is hard to tell if one is watching a farce, a comedy, or some badly written drama.

The great non-impeachment is a concoction made in the backrooms of the DNC.  Somewhere in the capital about four to six months ago, a cadré of characters came together. With overprice wine at taxpayer expense flowing like water, and whiffs of something other than tobacco smoke probably present as well, Nancy took to whining. Saying something like, “if I don’t find some red meat to feed A.O.C. and her groupies, I’m going to become what’s for dinner, it looks like I might have to go ahead with this stupid impeachment, even if I have nothing to impeach over.” At which point, Chucky Schumer pipes in and says, “I had lunch with Sanders and listened to him make threats as well, he says if we pull him off the campaign trail for some trial and he loses, he will tell his red tide it was all part of a DNC plot. Then during my dinner, Chief Warren stopped by my table. She also demanded not to be yanked off the trail, saying she is certain she has Bernie where she wants him. Then there is hapless Biden, he is the best shot we have, God help us. A trial will only serve to bring more of his sons inconvenient Ukraine dealings to light. Right now, a trial in the Senate is a no go.”

Somewhere in the alcohol induced fog, a voice says, “you mean we have to impeach, but we can’t have a Senate trial? “Brilliant” said Nancy, “we impeach the bastard, but we never send it on to the Senate.”. Chuck then piped in, “we can just come up with some sad reason to blame it on the Republicans, our base will buy it, they buy anything. At which point cheers went up, Nancy broke out the bubbly, and Chuck lined up glasses of Makers Mark.

Now the whole country is feeling the hangover of that night. The first part of the conspiracy was done mostly behind the closed doors of the House Intelligence Committee, and given a rubber stamp by a show trial before a predetermined vote was cast. The whole impeachment was merely a charade meant to show the infantile Trump haters they were listening to them. By not sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate, the Democrats don’t have to deal with the unseemly issues associated with such a trial. Sanders and Warren can keep on the campaign trail, Biden can avoid dealing with unseemly questions about his son’s Ukraine shenanigans, all of which helps the Democrats avoid further embarrassment. In the meantime, they can keep crying about the unfairness of it all.  Pacifying the rabid radical base, while not actually giving them anything, the plan is Nasty Nancy at her best.

This is not to say the Articles of Impeachment won’t ever be taken over to the Senate, they might but only when it is politically expedient to do so. The Democrats have become completely and utterly corrupt. There are a few honest ones, Tulsi Gabbard for example, but they are excoriated by their comrades if they don’t tow the party line. That brings up the Elephant in the room that is somewhere in the Democrats calculations as well. There are ongoing investigations into the Clinton foundation and the conspiracy to take down Trump.  Both of these are likely to bring more corruption to light. When one of these breaks into the limelight, you can bet Nancy and the Democrats will be looking for a diversion, maybe dusting off the impeachment and sending it over.

Unfortunately for them, none of their crocodile tears, faux indignation, or baseless accusations can cover for the truth. Trump will keep on getting things done while they do nothing. The truth of their corruption will still come to light, even with old media trying their best to throw up smoke screens, and the economy will keep humming along as well. So, let the party of no keep going about whatever, because no matter what they do, the future for them does not look good.

“The Conservative Mind”

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