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The Whig Parties of old, both American and British, lost their way and disappeared from the world stage.  The old Whigs of Great Britain stood for values both old and true, but when radicals like Charles Fox came to supplant men like Burke, and William Pitt the younger, it fell into ruin.  In America the Whigs ceased to stand for anything, and gave way to the Republicans.  Today the Democrat Party is on a similar road to ruin.

Extremist in both policy and their hatred for Donald Trump have taken over the party. The whole impeachment gig was an exercise in revenge for defeating Hillary. Nancy Pelosi tried to split the baby, impeach and not impeach at the same time. A strategy that was doomed from the start. Those that drove her to impeach were not satisfied with the promise of a pound of flesh, but wanted to see it come to pass. Of course, impeachment had no legs and Pelosi knew it, but she is no longer in control. The radicals are holding the strings of power, and she must obey or be shoved aside. Quite the choice, be either nearly irrelevant or completely so. In the modern Democrat Party, Pelosi is too moderate to survive. Her demise as leader is already written on the wall, it is just a matter of time before the radicals come for her.

The left is and always has been totalitarian, with democracy a cliché only spoken of when they represented the majority. The Democrat Party has always also been borderline socialist, and even fascist, but always strove to maintain a sense they represented something mainstream. Today, the masks are falling away. Their admiration of totalitarian ideas and methods are openly discussed, and dead ideas like socialism given new life. At the Oscars, Marx was quoted and most of the Democrats running for President are embracing socialist policies. Make no mistake, these are people who would put bullets in their adversaries’ heads if there was a chance it would be helpful in securing power.

The issue for leftist Democrats is they are playing their cards much too soon. They have made inroads into American society for sure, but not enough to initiate revolution or captivate the majority of the populous. It seems Trump has them so panicked, and/or their echo chambers have convinced them that they have more support than they do. Whatever the reason, it is becoming ever clearer that the Party is on the same path as the Whigs. This is becoming so apparent that old time Democrats like James Carville are ringing warning bells as loudly as Republicans. As the clueless take control of the Party, any Democrats with a lick of common sense at all are in a complete panic.

There is almost no scenario where this ends well for Democrats. If any of the top socialist win, the party will take on the mantle of being a socialist party, a death knell for Democrats. If the leadership use shenanigans to bypass these candidates, the party’s base will become dispirited, and possibly even split the party. The only chance is for enough Democrats to come to their senses to massively shift the present trajectory.  Even with the rise of Klobuchar, this is not likely. Given this, and the never ending list of Trump accomplishments in the State of the Union, maybe it should not be surprising Pelosi tore up the President’s speech. In light of such things, her act of defiance looks more like an act of surrender.

The real problem for the left is it cloisters itself; it has no idea what others really think because to them their opponents are all evil and have nothing to say worth listening to. They actually believe Obama’s God and Guns and Hillary’s basket of deplorables comments. If you do not know your enemy, you can’t fight him let alone defeat him. The Democrats are shadow boxing opponents that do not exist except in their minds. Being out of touch and being a leftist has become nearly one in the same thing. Listening only to those within their own click, they have no clue what makes the world outside their group work. Refusing to enter into dialogue, or even give lip service to understanding the other side, they not only condemn themselves to ignorance, it becomes their calling card. It is no wonder some actually believed Trump might be removed from office, that the earth will end in twelve years, or the economy is actually bad, reality for them is a bridge they prefer not to cross.

The future is notoriously hard to predict, so no one can say for sure what will happen between now and November, or in the aftermath of the election. That said, it does seem likely that no matter what happens, America’s left and the Democrat Party will never be the same. The rise of some third party has never been more likely, or have more of a chance to succeed. After the election either the moderates or the radicals inside the Democrat Party are likely to peal off in disgust with the other. In any case, the next few months are likely to prove entertaining, especially if the Democrats lose both chambers of congress again.


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