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https://a57.foxnews.com/media2.foxnews.com/BrightCove/694940094001/2019/12/10/931/524/694940094001_6114579544001_6114582730001-vs.jpg?ve=1&tl=1In some seemingly unrelated events, last week the left showed itself for who they are. The impeachment proceedings against Trump were a legal indictment in search of a crime. As noted by their own words, they have been looking for an excuse to impeach the 45th President since he won the election. The dog and pony show they put on a world stage was a national embarrassment. The most astounding fact is nearly all the Democrats in the House have gone along. Sure, there are a few hold outs, but they are far outnumbered by those who drank the Kool-Aid.

In a separate instance of insanity, Greta Thunberg suggested politicians who do not go along with her hair brained ideas should be shot. Of course, she is not the first leftist to suggest this, but her current undeserved status as climate guru resulted in a surprising amount of condemnation. The common thread here is the embracing of evil by those who have lost all perspective. This type of behavior is not mere happenstance, but an integral part of leftism.

Solzhenitsyn suggested if all mankind’s needs were somehow met, and his troubles eliminated, he would invent needs and troubles. Everyone needs a dragon to slay; obstacles to overcome so that we can find meaning within the drudgery we call existence. When people are struggling to get by, the demagogue peddling cultist beliefs finds his ideas hard to sell, but when the sun is shining and crops are bountiful, is when men without troubles seek the same. Similarly, it is no coincidence that cults target the middle class and the wealthy. It is those living spoiled and aimless lives for whom a glimmer of purpose is an easy sell. For the same reason, intellectuals are prone to embrace the absurd; also inventing dragons that they then might slay. In a society more and more divorced from the ethos that gave its people purpose, it is not just the ivory tower denizens who find sanity hard to hold onto, but those under their tutelage as well.

The modern revolt against reason, seen among leftist intelligentsia, is not the first time this has been attempted. Marx tried in vain to get the working classes to revolt, seeing in the end their religion inoculated them from his lies. For practicing Jews and Christians, meaning is found in the edicts of God. Jews interpret it as Tikkun Olam, or repair the world, for Christians the command is in the form of bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth. In either case, the meaning is essentially the same, through love, compassion, and self-sacrifice bring harmony and peace. In a broken world, it is a task that is never ending, and gives purpose to the lives of the faithful. For those without such an overarching theme to guide them, their search for purpose leaves them vulnerable to the inane and perverse.

Where the motivation of Judeo-Christian ethos is love and compassion, the leftists rely on fear, envy, anger and hate. In the modern world, where old ways and the Judeo-Christian ethos have waned in influence, and increases in wealth have left minions without personal challenges, the left is finding the field of potential revolutionaries plentiful and ready for harvest. Seeking purpose, the potential recruit is an empty vessel waiting to be filled. By evoking negative emotions, the leftist is able to tap into the primitive fight or flight part of mankind’s being. The combination is a one-two punch, both eliciting positive feelings of purpose, while evoking negative one’s that relieve them of their full faculties.

The left see boogeymen hiding behind every corner, people who by their economic status, skin color, religion or just because they oppose the leftist agenda are seen as evil enemies. There is also always some catastrophe waiting to envelop mankind, chemicals like DDT, Global Cooling, and acid rain all took on that role, now it is Climate Change. On university campuses, free speech has become a source of fear as well. Young men and women run to prepared safe rooms less they are forced to their senses, groveling in a fear inspired by those entrusted to help them develop into productive adults. By inspiring rage and fear in its followers, the left’s True Believers are turned into men and women without a will of their own. Mindless minions prone to form mobs and destroy all that made the world in which they live. A cult in every sense of the word.

Leftism’s True Believers seek not only to conquer the demons of their imaginations, they want to destroy all that is. Turning society inside out, and ridding it of all that forged its existence. Men are to be women and women men, biology be damned. Families are archaic, and sexuality fluid. Christianity and Judaism have no place in their world, their ethics are enemies of the future. Morality is personal, and all cultures equal in their eyes. Evidence, science, experience and reason are relics in the pathology of the left. In a near mindless fog, the adherent succumbs to a psychosis that leaves them unable to think. Anger is their default emotion, a deep-seated rage that is beyond reason. Committed to the dark path, they are exiles from what Edmond Burke called “the world of reason, and order, and peace, and virtue, and fruitful penitence,” and fallen “into the antagonist world of madness discord, vice confusion, and unavailing sorrow.”

To the cult of the left, Trump is Satan and Hitler rolled into one. He is destroying the country in their minds, even as it enjoys a renaissance unparalleled in modern times. They call his followers fascist, showing they have long lost any sense of what the term means. These adherents of the leftist cult are the single greatest threat the West faces. Russia, North Korea, and even China pale in comparison. They are the rot that is infesting the culture, and is trying to collapse Western Civilization. Worse than any foreign enemy, they’re successes are far more numerable than their failures. They have brought down the humanities and gotten industries to bow to their insane demands. Businesses cower before them, and the media is in their grips. What they don’t have is the majority of American or British souls. This is what makes Trump and Brexit so important. They are last ditch firewalls against an ideological pandemic. Not sense World War II, a calamity also brought on by Progressive ideas, has the West faced such a threat. Trump and Boris Johnson might be unlikely heroes, but in times such as this, beggars can’t be choosers.


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