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America was founded by those who sought freedom and refused to set idly by while that freedom was snuffed out. Today the grumblings of another American revolt are shuddering through Middle America for a very similar reasons.

President Barack Obama thought to fashion himself after the American president Abraham Lincoln. A somewhat apropos choice as his model, as he is the most divisive president since Lincoln; dividing Americans by race, sex, age and in a myriad of other ways. Like Lincoln, Obama is also inspiring a revolt that is pitting American against American. That is of course where the similarities end. Where Lincoln wished to expand freedom and opportunity, President Obama is leading the charge to forever quench the flames of both.

The first tinges of a revolt started when Tea Party protest sprung up during the ram rod passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare for short. These protest that were sparked by the bailouts, increasing debt and a tone deaf congress. Like the Tea Party of old, this one is proving it was just an omen of things to come.

As congress lies paralyzed, many Americans are steadily deciding to suffer in silence no more. On the eleventh of October a group of truckers are going to Washington to protest the usurping of the constitution and plan on shutting down the city. On October 13th veterans are planning a million man march on DC to help drive the point home. Both are being presented as right wing protests by an out of touch left wing media, but the truth is they are closer to main stream Americans than the media wants to admit.

These rallies are mere reflections of what has been happening across the country. The current debate within the ranks of the Republican Party is a good example. The old Country Club Republicans are still clueless to what is happening to their own party. As they debate and battle those who seek a return to sanity, they are finding their numbers dwindling. Victims of voting hoard who are tired of having to accept a choice between two parties whose only difference is how quickly they intend to drive the country off a cliff. These are voters who also can’t be bought and sold for the cost of entitlement trinkets or Wall Street gold.

The Democratic Party and its liberal base are just as out of touch as the Republicans being driven from office. Blue collar workers, once a stronghold of Democrats, have abandoned the party in droves. The party of the working man is now the merely the party of entitlements and special interest. Controlled by left wing extremists and elitist demagogues, the modern Democratic Party has become little more than a bad parody of its former self.

While the seeds of discontent are growing, the revulsion of the masses has yet to translate to full revolt. The hold of the status quo, like the grip of the main stream media, is not going quietly into the night. Neither can one rely on those whose loyalty to their party is too unwavering for them to be reasonable. Like a rabid fan cheering for his favorite sports team, everyone else is wrong and their party always right. Still the signals are clear and the growing discontent very real.

The truth is, within the present politics of division lies the seeds of its own destruction. Out of the chaos a unified front is starting to rally against a shattering opposition. New Sons of Liberty are forming the spears edge of movement to take back the country and put it again on solid ground. Whether this new movement succeeds or not, one thing is clear, when the dust settles nothing will remain the same.

“The Conservative Mind”

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