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The last couple of weeks had been a study in how not to run a legislature. It started by the Republicans launching a strategic onslaught on ObamaCare. Using the occasion of the expiring continuing budget resolution as cover, they sprung a legislative broadside against the program. While the last minute nature of the Republican budget proposal was standard operating procedure for both parties, it gave the illusion of a unreasonableness to the Republican Party.

The fact is the House Republicans quickly followed the initial budget proposal with three more, each less demanding than the one before. Despite numerous invitations to negotiate and concrete proposals illustrating their willingness to compromise with Democrats, the President and his cohorts decided it was better to wage rhetorical war than talk. They have called the other side bombers, murderers, hostage takers, anarchist and even accused them of waging nuclear war. So much for President Obama showing leadership in times of domestic upheaval. If anything, the mud thrower and chief has been the chief instigator of the deadlock the grips congress.

One of the chief claims of President Obama evaporated when he shot down the latest bipartisan proposal. From the beginning he said anything less then a “clean CR (Continuing budget Resolution) was blackmail. Now he is demanding the Sequester Law be modified as part of a deal. It appears that to President Obama modifying a law he likes during budget negotiations is blackmail but modifying one he dislikes is perfectly OK!

The fact is the President has carved out a position of intransigent belligerency. One that puts his ego in front of all else, including the country’s future. How else could one explain the intentional inflaming of political passions and unwillingness to negotiate as the country;s future is on the line; or the petty blockading of memorials and private run parks?

While the House Republicans have gotten most of the blame, thanks to the Main Stream Media, they have been the only ones busy passing bills. Republicans have passed eleven proposals so far, including many that contained substantial compromises. Gone is the hope of defending ObamaCare, something that can’t happen with Barack Obama as president. Now is merely the request that it be implemented fairly. If big business is exempted for a year so should small businesses and individuals. Something that, in light of the programs obvious problems, is more than fair. Additionally they are calling for removal of the exemption from ObmaCare for members of congress. An exemption that is an abomination against all the United States stands for.

The truth is the President does not seem to be interested in any deals. Not modest proposals founded on basic fairness or even bipartisan proposals that nearly remove ObamaCare from the conversation. The President’s bazaar added demand, that the Sequester Cuts be part of a budget deal, seems only meant to poison negotiations further.

While all of this might all be capturing the American public’s attention, the world’s real concern is the threat of an American debt default. Something nobody wants and, in fact, should not even be in the cards. While a sudden stop of U.S. borrowing would be extremely problematic, there is no reason for it to be catastrophic. The United States brings in plenty of revenue to pay its obligations and calm the markets. Something the president should be saying if he cared for his country. The truth is a default would only happen if President Obama intentionally let it happen. The real question then becomes, is President Obama willing to do such a thing?

No matter what, the stakes in the political games being played in Washington are extremely high. As the shutdown trudges on and the country edges ever closer to the so called debt ceiling Armageddon, the American leadership is showing little interest in ending these crises. Quite the opposite, the President and his cohorts have been becoming more delusional in their demands as time goes on. The President being both a disciple of “Rules of Radicals” and student of Cloward and Piven, one has to wonder if a default is not exactly what he is aiming for. It is dreadful to even imagine such a thing but his present actions do little to alleviate such thoughts.

No matter what the end result is, the present battles happening in Washington will go down as some the worst examples of political gamesmanship in U.S. history.  Despite what is heard in the major U.S. news outlets, the real fault for this mess lies at the top. A true leader is above the fray. Instead of bringing people together, President Obama has worked tirelessly to divide people even more. The deadlock and its consequences lie at his doorstep, just like they would if he was running a company. Unfortunately for President Obama, as he has shown from the start, his ideological agenda is more important than anything else, including the American people.

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