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Barricades Block Parking at Privately Run Mount Vernon

In the political arena one can usually tell for whom the fight is about ideas and principals and for whom it is purely about power. The side pleading his case on merit and ideas has more than likely thought long and hard about what he is supporting. On the other hand those that resort to name calling, gamesmanship and dirty tricks to advance their cause in the end have but one goal.

This truth has been on full display in Washington. Fresh off the embarrassment of the Syrian debacle U.S. prestige is taking another hit due to the shenanigans going on in DC. The real embarrassment is not the shutdown, such things have happen many times before, but the name calling and cheap political tricks being played out for everyone to see. First there were names like bomb thrower, anarchist, terrorist, hostage taker, suicide bomber and even murderer used to describe Republican lawmakers. These were combined with antics worthy of spoiled child: A Park Ranger was told to “make life as difficult for people as we can,” military Chaplains threatened with arrest if they minister, Social Security employees told to scare recipients, parks with that use no federal funds shut down and the government has even spent more money to block off national monuments than it would of take to keep them open. All of this being done by those who are pretending to occupy the moral high ground.

The extent to which the President and the Democrats have resorted to the lowest form of political theater is unprecedented, even for them. The fact is, the Democrats themselves admit that ObamaCare is more than problematic. Some have even said publicly that at least delaying it is reasonable given the programs problems. So why the show? The answer is they simply the do not want to share power or give up an inch to the opposition. What they are not doing is defending principals or even looking out for the American people. As the lies flow from the lips of the President like water off a roof their hope has to be that the public will not look too closely at what they are doing.

The President has in fact tried to paint a picture of radical out of control Republicans putting petty politics above the interest of the country. Using terms like unprecedented to describe actions that are, and have always been, normal for both parties. The normally demure Chris Wallace described the presidents claims as “bull.” Nor does the hijinks end there, the man who claims compassion for those on furlough has seen fit to illegally furloughing employees whose paychecks are already funded. In San Diego one of the biggest air shows in the country was canceled even though government funding had already been pulled from it due to sequestration.

The question is not who is being radical and unreasonable here, that is more than evident to anyone who wants to take a close look at what is going on. The real riddle is how the Democrats subterfuge and deliberate confusing of the issues is playing with the American public at large. The target of the rampages and attacks is after all not Republicans, or even Democrats, as much as it is America’s middle ground voters. People whose attention span and knowledge base is often suspect but their influence is not. Winning or losing often depends on directing their ever changing loyalties by arousing whatever passion their shallow souls posses. This is the sole purpose of the Democratic strategy of manipulation though pretentious name calling, lying and deliberately causing as much mischief as possible

Time will tell if the strategy will work. It a game of high stakes poker with the future of the next election at stake (and possibly the U.S. as well). The bets are made with one side placing its wagers on the desire of people for a better life and less government and the other wholly committed to winning by the strategic application of pain and subterfuge. What is lost is what is best for the American people and what they want. Although Republicans are so far getting slightly more blame a CBS News poll shows that 75% of Americans want the two parties to compromise. A fact that does not square well with the President and his party’s my way or the highway approach.

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