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https://libertarianheathendotcom.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/antifa-polizei.jpg?w=748The recent rise in Antifa, and there penchant for violence, is a stark reminder that the great leftist lie perpetrated by the post war left lives on. The Fascist, once the darling of the progressive left, were abandoned by them at the onset of World War II. They later, along with European socialist, would clamor that Mussolini and Hitler were products of the right. History paints a quite different story.

The word NAZI is a German acronym for National Socialist Party, and Mussolini rightfully declared Fascism not only an outgrowth of Socialism, but a form of it. The commonality of the two most prominent fascist states is they both embraced progressive ideas to a fault. The foundational ideas of both regimes were spouted by prominent progressives long before the rule of Hitler and the one they called Il duce (the duke).

While progressives like John Dewey and Woodrow Wilson espoused a state run by an intellectual elite upon scientific principles, the fascists lived it. While the progressives idealized a Rousseau-ian state where the interest of the people and the government were seen as inseparable, Mussolini put it more succinctly; “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” Maybe that is why liberal rags, including the New York Times, heaped praise upon the Fascists. Even FDR thought what Mussolini was doing was great things.

Progressive dreams of state and union cabals taming capitalism, and bringing corporations under government control was realized under fascism. Education under Mussolini and Hitler became a propaganda arm of the government, as espoused by both Dewey and Marx. Even the most wretched and evil act of the NAZI regime, the Holocaust, was not dreamed up by Hitler. The mass gassing of those considered less desirable by government/society was first postulated by progressive professors (similar to today) and found a voice with icons like George Bernard Shaw. Fascism was in all respects what Progressives dreamed of creating in America. This was not by happenstance, but by design.

Hitler took his ques from Mussolini when he formed his government, but for Mussolini it was Woodrow Wilson that molded his world view. He openly declared his admiration for President Wilson and his progressive beliefs, and fashioned his government on Wilson’s wartime administration. A honest study of fascism finds it to be merely progressivism taken to its logical end. If this self-evident truth was taught in schools, the history of the last seven decades would be quite different.

While semi-honest progressives might say they have moved beyond the progressivism of Dewey, Wilson and others, such a statement is only partially true. Modern progressives have excommunicated nationalist from their ranks, and no longer openly support eugenics, but its heart remains the same. When one looks at the expansion of euthanasia, even involuntary versions (AKA murder), and increasing cries for genocide by tenured professors, one can feel the cold shadow of prewar progressivism and WW II fascism.

https://earthcrazy.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/pogo-we-have-met-the-enemy.jpgTruth be told, fascism never really went away, only changed its uniforms. The Democratic Socialists of Europe have more in common with the National Socialists than the care to admit. Outside of Nationalism, Mussolini and modern progressives are more in tune with each other than not. Similarly, the violent members fo Antifa, bear a more than passing resemblance to Mussolini’s Italian Black Shirts and Hitler’s Brown.

Trump might not be the most desirable person for the U.S. Presidency, but he does not embrace the “scientific” administration of government by elites, nor does he want to impose a bureaucracy able to do just that. While he embraces national pride, he doesn’t presume to declare who can share in it. Neither is it part of his agenda to put government in charge of what people think and do. Except for patriotism, all they accuse Trump of they themselves are guilty of. It is not his agenda, but their own that is fascist in tone and spirit. The truth is, that Antifa is not an anti-fascist movement at all, but in both action and beliefs, they are whom they claim to oppose.

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