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Earlier this week, General Kelly spoke in regards to politicization of President Trump’s calls to fallen soldiers loved ones. In one of the more poignant moments of his commentary, he mentioned those things once held sacrosanct by society. Listed were life, religion, women and of course the death of soldiers. He acknowledged that the first few were no longer universally held sacred as they once were, but he had hoped that at least the last still was. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson showed that was not the case.

The politicization of condolence calls to soldiers’ families should come as no surprise, it falls in line with defaming the flag, disparaging police, and attacking free speech. When Michelle Obama said the election of her husband was the first time she was proud of her country she meant it. Sentiments echoed by Jane Fonda and others on the left who have made a career of attacking men and women in uniform.

The other items on Kelly’s list are also notable. Life  is increasingly seen as disposable, especially that of the unborn. Often added to the list are the handicapped, elderly and those suffering from extreme illness. With the advent of assisted suicide, some countries are allowing “involuntary” euthanasia as well.

Religion, at least Christianity, is despised by them. While Buddhists, Islamist, animist and even satanist are often embraced, the religion of love is trashed. In fact, they seem to be trying to eliminate Christianity from the Western world.

Women have long been taken off the pedestal, and subjected to the lies and propaganda the left is so adapt at dishing out. Today, liberal women march in the street bragging about being nasty and wear the moniker of slut with pride. Degrading femininity, they have created a generation of girls who despise what they are. There is little wonder that child molestation by women, once a rarity, is getting to be as or more common than among men. In California, laws against prostitution are being taken to court. Turning women into a commodity, and dehumanization that goes along with it, is right up their alley. Where once they denounced the over sexualization objectifying of women, today they seem to revel in it.

As troubling as all of this is, it is the contempt for children where they are their worst. If they aren’t pushing for 9 month abortions, or even post partum ones, their busy seeking new ways to push their ideas into kids heads. Their disregard for children is most apparent when it comes to the so called transgender movement.

Miguel Martinez, who also uses the name Michelle, was convicted of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old inside a bathroom.

Cross Dressing Self Identified Transgender Micheal Martinez (AKA Michelle)  Accused of Child Rape

Allowing full grown male strangers to follow little girls into the restroom is insanity. When a man assaulted a child in Chicago restroom, alarm bells should of rang. A Florida man in a wheelchair was caught abusing a 2 year old. In the latest, another cross dressing man molested a girl in Wyoming. The man, Miguel Martinez, decided to call himself Michelle and declare himself female. In a society that increasingly patronizes mental disorders, pedophiles like Miguel are given a pass. The sad truth is, he only got caught due to the bravery of his a 10 year old victim.

As bad as this is, this problem goes far beyond adults molesting children. Parents attempting to change the “gender” of their child through cross dressing, drugs, and even surgery, due to the numbers involved, represents an equal or greater threat. Whether Telling kids and teens their gender is a choice, or possibly a mistake of nature, liberal activists are destroying lives. A number of parents, due to projection, transference, or ignorance, have increasingly gone along with this agenda. The results are nothing short of gross child abuse.

Suicide, and attempted suicide, are common among those suffering from sexual dysphoria (the real name for those pretending to be another sex). Something that is true whether the disorder is untreated, or patronized (what liberals like to call acceptance). In contrast, before the politicization of the issue by the LGBT community, as high as 95% of these sufferers went back to normal lives.

Not only do these abused Kids suffer psychologically, many suffer physical abuse as well; given puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and sometimes even mutilated via sex reassignment surgery.

Called a mental disorder by some, liberalism/progressivism has wreaked havoc across the civilized world. Its cult like adherents sacrifice children on their godless alter, tear apart societies and spread hate and despair among those who lend them an ear. As such, they represent much more than a psychosis, but are something more akin to a plague or leprosy; slowly eating away, causing decay and rot where there was once healthy communities and families.

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