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As the tragedy that is Aleppo comes to its horrific close, the major players are exchanging high fives. Russia, Assad and Iran have shown how evil wages war, and done so spectacular. The incessant bombing of civilian targets, the shooting of unarmed refugees, and even the use of chemical weapons have cemented their places in hell. Even so, as former Bush Secretary Dana Perino said on Fox News, the line from Obama’s “Red Line” to the dying children in Aleppo is direct and straight.

The Syrian war is as much Obama’s war as it was Assad’s. Playing patty cake with the lives of millions, Obama encouraged a revolution he had no intention of assisting substantially. As the revolution he pushed for erupted, he threatened Assad over chemical weapons, and just as quickly backed down. In short, he did everything humanly possible to maximize the number of deaths. The result is the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. The carnage, the piles of corpses and the millions of homeless spewing across Europe are all due to his failure.

For Obama, like all liberals, he probably takes some solace in the fact he meant well, a fact that alleviates nothing.

If Syria was President Obama’s only failure on the International stage, it would be enough to deeply mar his legacy. The truth is, Aleppo and the related Syrian refugee crisis, are mere chapters in a book of foreign policy disasters.

Libya was stable, and the flamboyant Muammar Gaddafi had been effectively neutered, when Obama took office. While the Arab Spring uprisings were simmering without assistance within the Libyan borders, they only reached full boil with U.S. interference. Secretary Clinton, with the backing of Obama, turned up the heat until the country was embroiled in a full fledged civil war and Gaddafi lay dead. The murders at Benghazi, the expansion of Islamic extremism, and a country in tatters was all that was accomplished. No apology, even if it had been offered, could bring back the dead in this land either.

Iraq was stabilizing, and it looked like the hard fought war might finally bring peace to that region. As victory was assured, President Obama walked away. Removing troops and leaving a vacuum, he laid the groundwork of ISIS. Recently he said it surprised him how rapidly the terror group expanded, even though President Bush had warned him it would happen. The twentieth century’s first genocide was the result. Many more will die before this mistake can be undone.

These are the highlights of Barack Obama’s foreign policy legacy, but far from all.

  • Under Obama China Expanded its territorial claims into international waters
  • Egypt fell to the Muslim Brotherhood temporarily, the result churches burned, nuns rapped, and people killed in the streets. Amazingly, Obama showed great disappointment when they were thrown from power.
  • Russia forcibly took territory from Ukraine, and has become an international belligerent.
  • When pro democracy protestors filled the streets of Tehran, he supported the regime. Later he would pay billions in ransom to the Ayatollah and sign a pact that, if followed to completion, would assure a nuclear armed Iran.
  • Afghanistan, the  good war as he once put it, was nearing a successful ending as well. Now, death is on an upswing, and the Taliban a resurgent threat.

Despite his world wind apology tour after becoming President, the U.S. is more hated abroad than ever before. A fact that makes his recent statement that the U.S. is more respected today than when he took office beyond laughable.

Not a single ally has ever believed that the Obama administration had their back.  On the other hand, adversaries have felt free to advance their agendas, comfortable in the fact the western paper tiger was nothing to fear. Death by remote control was his style, getting hands dirty was not. For them, the cherry on top was his overseeing gutting of the American military. An organization he saw more as a petri dish for his social experiments than defenders of the free world.

The regime of Barack Hussein Obama is coming to a close, but the ill effects of his Presidency will last far beyond his days in office. The worst president in U.S. history is a moniker he has dutifully earned. In international affairs, there is not a single element of his policies that can be seen in a positive light. Domestically, things are a bit less bloody but equally devoid of accomplishment. Race relations are reaching a new low, and brazen police murders hitting new highs. The economy never left life support his whole term. His doubling of the debt, and dividing of the country will have a more long lasting effect than ObamaCare, or anything else he did domestically.

Now it is time for out with the old boss, in with the new. God speed if he forges a new direction, God forbid he follows in his predecessor’s footsteps.

“The Conservative Mind”

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