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ferguson Riots

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, once said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” An axiom to this is ‘lies left unchallenged are assumed to be true.’ Long have conservatives let the lies of the left go unchallenged and let them fester into perceived reality. This is true in many areas, but especially true where it relates to race.

The shooting of Micheal Brown, the choking death of Eric Garner and even the tragic events involving Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman have been stretched beyond reality into something they are not. All have become examples of racism in action, with the last aimed at cops specifically. Hyped by so called black leaders with the help of a complacent media, the events have caused unfettered rage NYPD Officers Shot and Killedamong many in the black community. Cops have been killed, or more appropriately assassinated, by those seeking revenge. Massive marches, looting and burning of businesses, and attacks and even murders of innocent people have gone on across the nation. All for no other reason than the participants in these heinous acts feel justified in their anger because of the lies they have been told.

The truth is, none of these famous examples had anything to do with race.  Despite many attempts to make them racial, no racial component was ever found. Trayvon Martin was killed when he attacked Zimmerman for following him. Zimmerman for his part, was the quintessential example of a race neutral person. He volunteered to mentor two black kids, worked to achieve justice for a homeless black man beaten by police and was biracial himself. All of this did not matter, he was labeled a “white” racist who murdered an innocent black boy. The reason being, that narrative served the purposes of the liberal main stream media (MSM) and black activists. Similarly, Micheal Brown was killed while running at a police officer after already trying to take his gun. Justifiable homicide that would of had similar results no matter his color. The storyline was first he had his back to the officer and his hands up, than it was he was facing the officer with his hands up, in both cases yelling don’t shoot. What the evidence shows was that he was shot as he approached the officer, slightly leaning forward as in a running position. Like with Trayvon, truth does not matter, only the more racially charged lie. Finally, Garner was choked to death in an over zealous arrest attempt, overseen by a black female Sergeant. No racism there either.

Besides calls of racism, the main thing the Martin, Brown and Garner cases have in common is lies have trumped truth. Lies manufactured by those with an agenda to push and supported by a complicit media. Blacks are suppressed by whites has been the tagline for the MSM as well as the liberal intelligentsia forever but has risen to a fever pitch the last decade. Anything that advances that narrative must be hyped. This despite reams of data showing that overall this is not the case. Blacks can and have achieved success in all areas where they have applied themselves. On the flip side, they are shot and killed by police at a rate proportional to their overall population. This despite having majorities in some of the most crime ridden parts of American society. Racism exists certainly, but it is not a driving force in American society. The one exception may be within poor black communities themselves.

Blacks in the inner city are told by activists, posing as leaders, that whites run the show. That they have the odds stacked against them and if they try to improve themselves they are likely to be slapped down. In this kind of environment, youth create an alternate society with morals and values all their own. Education is looked at with suspicion and those who wish to achieve success traitors. Only sports and entertainment stars are seen as legitimate successes, whereas black doctors, accountants and even shopkeepers are often seen as working for the enemy. In this atmosphere, the word nigger is seen as term of endearment among those with no real pride. The word, originally meant to demean blacks, conveys the idea that black people are of less value, IE. nobodies with nothing to offer. Today it still means the same, but now blacks call each other it to designate membership in the fraternal order of black nobodies. Of course this symbolism is lost on the majority who use it but the effects on their psyche is devastating all the same.

Part of the cabal pushing the false narrative of universal racism are a group of so called black leaders. People who line up to yell racism whenever a confrontation between a white (or someone perceived to be white) and a black person occurs. These same people are silent about the thousands of black kids killing black kids on the streets of America’s urban wastelands. People like Al Sharpton, a man who does not care how many black kids are shoved under the turf, black owned businesses are burned or black communities destroyed, as long as he gets his due, or NAACP president Cornell Brooks who has made a living being an Uncle Tom for the Democratic Party and now makes a mockery of the the institutions name. The NAACP should be called the NASCP, as it is an instrument of suppression, having long abandoned advancing anything but themselves. As if to put an exclamation point on who they really are, they stood by and said nothing as President Obama took school choice, and along with it the hope of thousands, from parents in Washington DC. Parents whose only choice now is to send their kids to the worst school system in America.

Of course the lies of the left do not end with advancing false accusations of racism. Their sole purpose of existence at times seems to be to undermine society by spreading lies. Women are to be angry over wage disparity, even though studies that actually compare people doing the same jobs, for the same number of years and working the same hours show no wage disparity exist! Similarly, the gay debate is based on the lie of sexual orientation being innate. this despite overwhelming evidence that shows that, in nearly all cases, it is psychological in origin. They press absurd propaganda, like to oppose free birth control for all is akin to a war on women. They call those asking for enforcing our immigration laws anti-immigrant and those that support traditional marriage homophobic (a nonsensical term meant to slander those with whom they disagree, in so doing belittling those who truly do suffer from phobias) Lies and insults repeated over and over again in hopes they become part of society’s lexicon. Many have become unquestioned truth by the majority of the citizenry.

Lies, divisiveness, identity politics and the art of deception have become inherent parts of America’s left and the Democratic Party. A party that seeks to raise itself up on the backs of those it destroys. Propelled in its mission by an axiom of propaganda written by a Nazi.

“The Conservative Mind”

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