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In a world gone mad, the insane roam the streets and airwaves seeking to rip reality from the grasp of those still of sound mind, or destroy them if they fail. Given the present state of Social Justice Warrior insanity, can anyone imagine the damage these people could of done with an amoral President Hillary Clinton in charge?

The left have been trying to cook up trouble for some time, but now Trump has stepped in and stirred their pot, they have gone truly insane. Using their own tactics against them, he has screwed with their already questionable mental stability. They were on the verge of remaking the world in their image, and destroying the American Republic in the process, then Trump had to show up and ruin everything.

Now the unhinged, and nearly mentally ill, members of congress and the media are living in a never ending impeachment fantasy. A magic pill, an imagined cure to their orange nightmare. If the AOC crowd had their way, Trump would be marched to a guillotine set up on the Washington Mall.  He would swiftly be followed by his Vice President, cabinet, and then they would move on to members of congress, the media and even Democrats who spoke up. Make no mistake, we are at a seminal moment.  A watershed that only comes about a few times in history.

Those hyperventilating over legitimate inquiries into nefarious goings on by the Biden family, celebrated the use of Russian disinformation to tear down Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, that paradigm of virtue, recently said, if the Constitution does not deem Trump’s encouraging the Ukrainians to investigate corruption an impeachable offense, maybe the constitution needs to be shredded. Of course, shredding the constitution has been an on going effort by the left anyhow.

A leftist reading this is likely saying, this is about a quid pro quo. I suppose they would be referring to the kind of quid pro quo that resulted in over a billion dollars out of China going to Hunter Biden’s company, or his fake job in the Ukraine.  Going further back, I am sure such leftist raucously complained about Hillary shaking down foreign leaders for donations to the Clinton Foundation, all the while she was supposed to be representing the U.S. as Secretary of State. Of course, I am being facetious, the left never attacks its own corruption, it celebrates it just as it exaggerates that of their opponents

That said, we are facing a crisis as great as the left is proclaiming, and the Republic is indeed at stake. The stakes are as high as they possibly can be, and it could very well be winner take all. In this and on other points the left is quite right, including statements regarding quid pro quo deals by our leaders being extremely serious, but they are simply hypocrites of the highest order when it comes to how they apply such standards. Trump has not done anything at this point to illicit suspicion, much less a dog and pony show impeachment inquiry. He has been forthcoming, and out in the open about what he is doing. The truth is, the Biden affair is begging for someone to do something, we are talking possibly treasonous behavior, or at the least selling of influence to a foreign entity. We must give the Biden’s a presumption of innocence, but given the overwhelming amount of evidence that is now in the public domain, an investigation is beyond warranted.  Like with Hillary, the Democrats don’t give a damn about wrong doing, only political gain.

If the Democrats had their way, the U.S. will be another failed socialist experiment at best, and murderous dictatorship at worst. It is no coincidence that among states, California has the largest number of homelessness, greatest income disparity, and leads the nation in both cost of living and high school drop outs. It is a one-party state, and a shining example of Democrat policies at work. Policies they wish to take nationwide.

The leftists that have taken over the Democrat party, have also destroyed the social sciences in our Universities, including Pedagogy. As a result, our K-12 public schools have become propaganda spewing indoctrination camps. They were on the verge of complete victory, and they knew it. As with every leftist movement, a tell tell sign it is reaching maturity is the embracing of violence as a tactic. Antifa are the new brownshirts, and black lives matter something akin to Bolsheviks, attacking people on the streets and singing the virtue of dead cops. The appearance of these groups, and ongoing and disjointed attempts to subvert the justice system for political gain, are actual examples on how close the left believes it is to taking over. Trump showing up at this juncture was not just an inconvenience, it was downright frightening to them. They know they must destroy him, or he might succeed in setting them back decades. Panic is a mild term for the hysteria among the leftist, and sure sign it is time to turn up the heat.  The best way to defeat the left is to force their hand before they are ready to play it, something Trump is doing an excellent job of.

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