David Koch, Libertarian

Last week David Koch died, the billionaire philanthropist worked to improve inner cities, fight disease,  support the arts, and thwart destructive leftist policies. Unlike what the media preferred to display him as, he was not far right (not that such a thing exists), but merely a man who cared deeply enough about his country to try to make a difference. For that sin, the left gleefully celebrated his death.

Celebrating death has a long tradition among leftist, as does wishing death upon others. They famously celebrated when Charleston Heston announced he had Alzheimer’s, and were even more happy when he died. Ronald Reagan also was demonized by the American left, who were glad to be rid of him upon the announcement of his death.

The left is violent, and has a preoccupation with silencing its critics. A pattern that goes all the way back to the French Revolution. Its fantasies usually involve either statist dreams, or the death of those who oppose their agendas to acquire more power. Both a book and a movie were released about George Bush’s assassination, and a recent movie about hunting and killing Trump supporters barely missed release.

While Democrats claim electing a Republican will cause black churches to burn, electing Democrats has resulted in whole communities being set ablaze. As people died, and black businesses went up in smoke, the Democratic mayor of Baltimore pulled police off the street. Even as recent as the last couple of weeks, Democrat Presidential candidates were repeating the lie that Michael Brown was murdered by police, apparently hoping to jazz up support on the misery that lie created for Ferguson, Missouri.

Hate is the left’s calling card, and division their area of expertise. It was the church and the aristocratic class that motivated French revolutionaries, and economic equality that drove the Marxists. Today it is claims of patriarchy and victims of hierarchical power. The terminology changes, but the methods and tactics remain the same. Divide and inspire hate, while tearing down everything a society holds dear.

The truth is, the left is what they profess to be against. It is the essence of power madness, seeking domination of all that lies before them. They claim generosity while wanting to take from others. They claim to be kind, while wishing evil, and talk of uniting as they work to divide. This was not lost on socialist George Orwell, a man who noted his fellow socialists were inspired not by love, but hate. His book 1984 lampooned their doublespeak, but they were too self-absorbed to realize it.

While all of this is true, we should never try to emulate their behavior. For one thing, they are experts at hypocrisy, so adept are they that any attempts to challenge them is bound to fail. In fact, they rely on those they challenge will play their game. We must instead, highlight their inconsistencies, correct their lies, and beat them back at every turn with kindness, well placed sarcasm, and truth. Avoid being malicious, as they are prone to be, but confront them with a smile and humor if possible. This, as Christ pointed out, is like pouring hot coals on their head. If there is any conscience left in them, it will wail with the agony of conviction. The hope is not to convert the convinced, but to limit their converts, and maybe open the eyes of those not yet fully enveloped in their philosophy of hate.

This is what David Koch did. He avoided the vitriol, while doing what he believed in. A libertarian’s libertarian, you don’t have to agree with all he said and did to appreciate that.  Rest In Peace.

“The Conservative Mind”

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