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https://www.zerohedge.com/s3/files/inline-images/comey%20brennan%20clapper%201.jpg?itok=yuoi9_N9In Federalist 51, John Adams said, ‘If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.”

In the aftermath of 9-11, President George W Bush was in a state of shock.  His only focus was not just making sure it did not happen again, but to forestall something even worse. The invasion of Iraq was based on this fear, and so was the Patriot Act.

Ignoring history, and taking the illogical liberal position that government is always a force for good, his administration forged legislation that expanded government’s ability to spy. In getting the Patriot Act passed, he expanded the governmental power to spy via the FISA court, and to forego people’s constitutional rights in some cases. When objections were raised within the administration, warning that the Act’s provisions could be abused, the reply was we have safeguards. Those safe guards relied on the integrity of those in charge, with no single individual able to subvert the system. To them, this meant Checks and Balances were in place..

That has worked for the most part, with very few abuses coming to light. That said, the Act allows for the FBI to force non-disclosure of their activities on penalty of being charged with a felony, so more abuses could exist. Nonetheless, the powers within the act gave law enforcement powerful tools to prevent terrorism. The government has claimed many acts have been thwarted, and there is little reason to doubt this is true. The fact still remains, the widened powers were ripe for abuse.

During the Obama administration, a new kind of leadership was installed at the various agencies. People whose philosophical bent was antithetical to those who had held the post before. Obama’s administration was filled with former communists (Brennan, Comey, and Van Jones) and activists. These ideologues in turn surrounded themselves with people who saw the world similarly to themselves. The full extent of Obama’s ideological transformation of Executive Branch is documented in Diana West’s book, The Red Thread. In short, the foxes were guarding the hen house.

We saw the ramifications of this in IRS targeting of conservative groups, utilizing funds from DOJ fines and lawsuits to funnel money to left wing organizations, and listing of conservative groups as potential terrorist organizations. That last item was especially troubling, as it meant the DOJ could have virtually carte blanche to investigate and spy on these groups. While these groups were later de-listed, and it all chocked up to a big misunderstanding, the fact is the situation arose is troubling to say the least.

That brings us to the Russia interference into the American political process. It was multi-pronged and non-partisan. An operation chaos meant to sow distrust into the American political process. They created false Facebook accounts, infiltrated political organizations, and put out false stories. Most of their activities had little effect, but one turned into an unbelievable success. The Steel Dossier, a salacious tale made up by Russian agents and spoon fed to the Democratic Party, was embraced at the highest levels of the Obama administration. Utilizing the Patriot Act’s authorities and the Dossier they started spying on Americans who were associated with Donald Trump. When the Act’s powers were insufficient, they used a rarely initiated provision to unmask Americans “caught up” in foreign surveillance. This was done, not because the American’s in question had done anything wrong, but simply because it served political expediency.

The provisions in the Patriot Act and the FISA court were meant to protect Americans, but were ripe for abuse from the beginning. The reliance on people of integrity to oversee the process was its weak link, and everyone knew it. It did not take long for this weakness to become manifest. The first administration to take over, after it was passed, abused it. They lied and manipulated the system for political gain, and in so doing became Russian stooges. They did so because they believed that they alone had the right answers, and those that opposed them had to be defeated by any means necessary. The created a cabal of echo chamber denizens, each giving the other confirmation that the path chosen was right. It is not anything spectacular, but simply the result of leftist in power getting together.

The conspiracy came to its pinnacle when a special consul was appointed to investigate the President based on the phony document given to the Democrats. A document that was from the get go Russian disinformation meant to create upheaval in the American political system. Democrats and their media allies became nothing more than Russian puppets, oblivious to who was pulling their strings. The people in charge used laws meant to protect Americans use them to undermine the country, on Russia’s behalf.

The Patriot Act was essential to the conspiracy, being abused by Obama era officials extensively. Still it had its limitations, there were still things that they simply couldn’t get away with. In these cases, they recruited foreign intelligence agencies to do their dirty work. Foreign governments spying on Americans abroad have blanket authority to do so, with no oversight from the American justice system. It is apparent now, both Great Britain and Australia were enlisted as co-conspirators by the leadership of the FBI and CIA.

Now the story is coming full circle, the conspirators are shaking, and the whole sordid affair is now starting to be revealed. People are going to go to jail, or at least they should be. The Obama White House is turning into the most corrupt since Harding. Fast and Furious, targeting conservatives, spying on journalists, threatening news outlets, covering for Hillary’s violations, (Violating the Espionage Act, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, as well as blatant violations of ethics regulations) and now this. It is uncertain if Obama was involved, but by putting ethically challenged leftist in charge, he definitely created an atmosphere that made it inevitable.

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