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It is a historical fact that Germany was prepped for genocide by decades of progressive policies; policies that started with Bismarck’s Welfare State, and ended with National Socialism.  In between, Eugenics, Darwinism and Scientism were accepted into Germany’s intellectual mainstream.  The Holocaust did not start with Jews being marched into gas chambers, but with hundreds of thousands of handicapped individuals being poisoned. It came about via a step by step process of succeeding power to the state, and embracing genetic based identity politics. Eventually previously good people came to see others as parasites. The German Communist and Socialist parties provided the fertile ground from from the NAZI’s sprang, with 100% of them coming from Marxian ranks.

Today evil is on the march again, slowly invading the modern world with ever more perverse ideologies. The pace of these changes has drastically increased in the wake of Obama’s presidency. Who would of dreamed that in America male strangers following little girls into the restroom would be considered okay by so many, or that states would pass laws legalizing infanticide, and large numbers of Democrat Party presidential nominees would endorse a tyrannical takeover of the country.

Identity politics is one of the prerequisites for mass evil to exist. Long before men can be inhuman to others, they must first stop looking at them as individuals.  When societies engage in defining people according to groups, bigotry is inevitable. It is a short step from defining people as good or bad according to skin color, wealth, culture, ethnicity, religion etc, and committing atrocities. Today intersectional hierarchies of victim-hood are all the rage on college campuses; a intense competition to see who has the most reason to hate.

If the modern incarnation of hate disguised as compassion has some uniqueness, it is hedonistic self-centeredness of its adherents. From snowflakes ready to melt at the slightest sign confrontation, to people demanding society bend to their desires, the shallowness of modern man seems to be without equaled.

When a naked man strolled into a California fitness facility shower-room that was already occupied by two teenage girls, the police were promptly called. The man was not arrested, but the fitness facility chastised for its apparent intolerance. The man, who claimed to self-identify as a woman and be in the process of getting a sex change, was let go without any charges. The police seemed to believe the flasher in question was within his rights, and that the teenage girls had none.

Rights that are not anchored in responsibility are not rights at all.  The pervert had no right to do what he did, but he did have a responsibility to conduct himself with respect towards others. In the twisted world of self-centered rights without responsibilities, the man was patronized while the girls were traumatized. Of course the insanity does not end there.

Children are a societies most precious gift, and the only resource of consequence. Protecting and nurturing them should be everyone’s highest goal, but it is not.  Last year, a 11 year old boy, Desmond Naples, dressed up like a girl paraded in front of hooting and hollering pedophiles at the three dollar bill gay bar. The men present threw dollar bills at the child, treating him like a cheap stripper. The event made the alternate media rounds, with many extolling the brave mother.  Among those singing the sick events praises was NBC. If this is acceptable, can NAMBLA’s dream of legalized child rape be far behind?

As sad and utterly disgusting the 3 Dollar Bill bar display was, it was not murderous. The latest legislation coming out of New York and other states is filling that gap. Late term abortions have always been controversial, and for good reason. The present rush to legalize killing the unborn up to the moment of birth is disturbing to say the least. According to the pro choice Guttmacher Institute, under current laws as many as 12,000 late term abortions are committed each year. The institute also found, despite claims to the contrary, the vast majority of these do not involve either nonviable fetuses or major birth defects. The most common reason, as with all abortions, is convenience. This number is poised to go up tremendously. Herod and the followers of Baal were, until now, the worst murderers of babies in history; today, America is poised to be awarded that ghoulish distinction.

The birth canal gives the baby no special qualities, babies are the same person just before birth as they are just after. Based on this logic, the Governor of Virginia suggested a newly delivered baby could be set aside while doctors and the mother deliberated its fate. After all, if aborting a child at 9 months gestation is okay, why not immediately afterward. Some left wing intellectuals have already suggested “personhood” is not established until long after birth, so they believe killing a child even two years old or more should not be a crime. Looking to Europe, we see euthanasia being expanded, even being done without consent of the victim (IE: State approved murder). To the left, individual lives are of little consequence, and their deaths a inconvenience at most.

Today Democratic Socialism, like that seen in Venezuela, is taking hold of the Democratic Party. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has gotten many politicians to sign onto her Green New Deal. The “deal” being offered is to totally takeover of every facet of society over a ten year period.  It is something akin to Stalin’s industrialization plan, but in reverse.  Like Stalin, Ocasio wants government to forcefully take over every part of people’s lives, including mass relocations at the point of a gun. The most amazing part of the plan, which would decimate society and throw the country into a new dark age, is the number of Democrats signing onto this hellishly evil idea. Stalin’s plan left tens of millions dead, Alexandria’s would likely result in the same or worse.

Evil takes many forms: Social Justice, socialism, identity politics,and elitism are some of the worst. Like death wrapped in fine linen, their backers clothe themselves in good intentions, covering up the festering sores of hate infesting their souls. They deceive many with sweet words, getting the gullible to follow their lead.

America is filled with many good people, but so was Germany. In the 1930s good people stood by and did nothing, the question is will they do the same today?  It does look like a few are getting a backbone, but not nearly enough.

“The Conservative Mind”

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