The Left and the Evil in the Mirror


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Berryman and Koehler in The Evil Within 2017

The left, for anyone who has bothered to notice, has become increasingly unhinged. Their ability to make absurd over the top accusations seems to have no limit. Case in point, Senator Cory Booker’s on camera announcement that those who don’t oppose Trump’s Supreme Court pick are “complicit in evil.” In essence, saying that Kavannah, a devoted Christian father, is the essence of the devil himself. He, Maxine Waters, and countless others have called for violence in one form or another against Trump supporters as well.

There is probably no better example of what is wrong with the left today than statements like Booker’s. He exemplifies the left’s tactics of demonizing those who oppose them, in this case pretty much literally. The practice of dehumanizing one’s foes is old as mankind, probably because it is effective. It makes it easy to attack them with abandon, and get others to do so as well.

The social view of the world that is at the center of all leftest politics is particularly susceptible to this way of thinking. In fact, one could say it is central to it. It postulates that people are merely reflections of the group in which they belong. The next step, categorizing groups as either victims or victimizers, sets the world on a collision course.

Every single known genocide in the history of the world can be traced to some form of this ideology. This is true if one is speaking of the Holocaust, the minions killed by Stalin, the 60 million plus who died under Mao, Cambodia’s killing fields, and even Rwandan attacks on the Tutsi. Each in turn was merely the end result of categorizing a whole group of people as unworthy of life, a belief whose foundation is a social view of society.

Whenever individuals become invisible, but are judged mere on some form of group identity, only evil can follow. Today, the world is ripe with identity politics, and group think. Individual merit is lost as large groups set at the ready to dogpile on anyone who fails to tow their ideological line. Let it be perfectly clear, such actions are nothing more than ideologically justified bigotry.

While it is true all have a social identity, one that originates in their ethnic, geographical, or other experiences, these do not form the sole basis of who we are. As has been pointed out, there is much more diversity within a group than between groups. Such things as perseverance, moral understanding. ethics, work ethic, intelligence, skills etc. can be found in almost every group, no matter how they are divided. These characteristics mean a lot more than skin color, sex, or any other sub category the left can come up with.  When put into perspective, identity politics, and the bigotry at the heart of it, shows itself as patently absurd.

The real tragedy of identity/social politics is the evil acts it justifies. When people wearing MAGA hats are physically attacked it is no different than attacking a man for the color of his skin, or a woman for her religion. In all of these cases, the person became invisible to the attacker, only their preconceived notions fed by their own ignorance formed the basis of acting out against innocent people.

Social Justice activism, and identity politics, are all merely different manifestations of the same thing. A way of looking at the world that ignores individuals, and minimizes their worth, in order to push an agenda. As wild eyed Neo-Modernists talk of genocide against whites, and calls for wealth confiscation become more common place, it is good to remember the basis for this evil is much more mainstream than most people want to accept. Whether it is the hooded figures who once upon a time came at midnight to lynch men for their skin color, or a masked antifa vigilante attacking a political opponent with a baseball bat, the inspiration is the same. The justification within the minds of those committing these crimes comes from the same well of ignorance, an idea that sees a man as merely a reflection of his group identity; an identity that is then stereotype into whatever monster or saint seems convenient.

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