The Trump Enigma; A Man Out of Place and Man for Our Time



This site did not support Donald Trumps election for a myriad of reasons. It was not just his vicious attacks on families of Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, or his inexcusable claims of not knowing who David Duke was. In truth he has a long history of being a creep; paying firms to harass owners of condos, using lies to leverage deals, and even making deals with people he knew were mobsters. Yes, all of that is true and he may have even slept with the blond bimbo gold digger now giving him such trouble. But, despite all of this, he has become one of the most positive agents for change in America’s history.

Obama claimed he was going to remake America, and he did to a great extent. The country that existed at the time of his inauguration is not the same one that exist today. Although a seemingly well poised man whose careful verbiage indicated a man in control, what he inspired was chaos. He left the world in taters: With death and destruction in the middle east, North Korea and Iran’s nuclear ambition seemingly assured, Europe forever changed by hordes of refugees, an out of control border, ISIS committing genocide, and America’s social fabric disintegrating. Well poised and well-spoken did not mean good for America or the world.

In contrast, Trump talks like a steal hanger on a construction site. His crude backroom demeanor seems to have been forged in smokey rooms with unsavory characters, and among salty hard-working denizens of construction sites. Like Grant and Patton, he shows you don’t have to be poised and refined to be effective. Trump, while doing many of the things his critics accuse him of, including exaggerating, being crude and a bully, none of that gets in the way of him getting things done.

Trump has been a bulldozer to the status quo, leveling the existing paradigm that many thought to be a permanent edifice. In so doing: He wreaked havoc on ISIS preventing further genocide, showed that economic malaise does not have to be the new normal, brought North Korea to the negotiating table along with getting American hostages there released, renegotiated trade deals that put America at a disadvantage, and moved the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The last item being something that presidents of both parties promised but were too wimpy to go through with.

The move of the Embassy to Jerusalem was way overdue. Creating a point of contention where there is none. Jerusalem is the forever capital of Israel, that is an immutable fact. No self-respecting Jew would accept removing the geographic soul of the nation from its borders, or putting the capital any place else. The dishonest brokers who declared Jerusalem negotiable may have believed they were advancing peace in the Middle East, but they were only sabotaging it. Now that the U.S has made the obvious clear to everyone, future negotiators can start from a foundation of honesty.

The moves that Trump has made are already creating a new paradigm in the Middle East, with new strategic partnerships being formed with Arab states. Something Obama and his apology tour wasn’t able to accomplish. Amazingly, old foes are now becoming new bed fellows. Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the future King of Saudi Arabia, spoke recently to Jewish groups in New York. An occasion he used to issue a public proclamation to Palestinians, “take the (peace) proposals and agree to come to the negotiations table or shut up and stop complaining.”  A Saudi intellectual, presumingly with Royal blessings, called on Arabs to recognize Israel’s connection to Jerusalem as well. Egyptian officials have been taped saying basically the same. It is fathomable that Trump, and the rise of Iran, could even lead to a formal end of the Arab League Boycott and free trade between Arab states and Israel. A seismic shift after a decision liberal rags like the Guardian and the New York times predicted to be disastrous.

Trump has turned the world upside down, and for the good. Things that seemed as plausible as pigs flying, like a denuclearized North Korea and Arabs accepting Israel, might come to pass. It is as if one has stepped into some other universe.

Trump, like other monumental leaders in history, is a both a man of the moment and his own man. He climbed to power at the time of Brexit and populous uprisings in Europe, growing Arab fear of Iran, and a voiceless majority was seeking refuge from massive social upheavals. He then threw the world more off balance by doing things no one else could or would. Like a street fighter throwing sand in the face of a boxer to get in a hit, his tweets and actions created openings where none existed before. Taking the entrenched powers across the globe by surprise, he has thrown the status quo a great punch to the gut. He is a leader in a new revolution whose final chapter is yet to be written, but promises to be as unpredictable as the last election.

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