Leftism and the Rise of Hate


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burn-books-ban-music-hate-blacks-murder-gays-become-symbol-of-hope-and-freedome-che-guevara-620x465The left has a long and torrid love affair with violence. While peaceniks planted flowers in guns in the nineteen sixties, others like the Weather Underground planted bombs, robbed banks, and killed cops. This was not unique to the sixties either, the early twentieth century had its push for human rights while simultaneously discussing the finer aspects of genetic manipulation and genocide. As the socialist George Orwell pointed out, while most on the left love to bantered about the plight of the working class, their real motivation is hatred. For certain, many on the left have truly altruistic motivations, the back bone of the movement has always been animosity.

Maybe this is why the left is so adept at the redefining of terms, and seeking positive ways to push negative agendas. A cloak of respectability does a good job of covering up their wretched rags of deviancy. This is no more true than when one looks at the modern push for diversity and social justice. While the terms seem nice, the truth is far less so.

Diversity on the one hand is about pushing out whites in favor of minorities, and segregating society by ethnicity on the other. What it is not about is mutual respect or diverse opinions. The Apple VP for Diversity (an absurd position for a corporation to have), Denise Young Smith, found this out the hard way. Denise, a black woman, was fired for suggesting diversity of thought was more important that things like skin color and religion. She was right, but such out spoken common sense is something the left just can’t tolerate.

The term diversity, like many terms the left uses, is redefined to take on the opposite meaning. An arm of multiculturalism, it seeks ethnic diversity, but demands ideological conformity. The recruitment sign for diversity loving establishments should read, “you can join our inclusive community as long as you are a leftest, all others need not apply.” Of course, this is no diversity at all. What is missing from the diversity argument is the term respect. Acceptance is put in its place, but acceptance is a wholly insufficient substitute.

Respect, or love in the Christian tradition, is quintessential to a civil society. Acceptance is based on definable characteristics one finds acceptable, and discounts those that aren’t. One can show respect, and even love, towards someone for whom they disagree. Acceptance does not have such flexibility. It is rigid, acceptance has limits, past which things become unacceptable. When people become either acceptable, or unacceptable they become human or something less. In contrast, treating all human beings with a certain level of respect means no one is ever dehumanized. This is one of the reasons the left has been at the center of most genocides over the last century, when you dehumanize people it becomes easy to kill them.

Multiculturalism, that heralded right arm of the diversity crowd, is similarly a thin vale for hate. It demands cultural segregation, and attacks anyone who dares “appropriate” a culture that is not their own. A society divided along clear cut lines of culture and race is one ripe for conflict, which seems to be what the left wants. The undeniable fact is, there are no pure cultures. All are a result of assimilating the mannerisms and ideas of others. A natural phenomenon called sharing that binds strangers, and forms the basis for friendships. Contrarily, multiculturalism divides and forms the basis for distrust and hate.

Social Justice is another term whose image belies its real function. Social Justice could just as easily be called group justice. Of course, history is ripe with examples of social/group justice warriors, but usually they have been referred to as mobs or vigilantes. In this case, the mob is a bunch of vigilantes calling themselves Social Justice Warriors. People whose weapon of choice is the government, followed closely by threats of violence and organized boycotts. They seek to rob as many white people as possible of opportunities and money, via racial quotas and taxation, in order to give handouts and preferences to whole groups based mostly on the color of their skin. Individual merit, social issues, and addressing things like poor education are buried under an avalanche of racism, and bigotry; instituting perpetual victimhood on one hand, and hate for imagined oppressors on the other.

Today the racists on the left are pushing segregation, with some colleges even having separate black and white graduations. One would think it was Jim Crow south, but it is modern America. They are committing acts of terror against those who dare speak out against their insanity, while claiming some sort of moral high ground. There is definitely something in the air, and it is eerily similar to what permeated the ether in pre-Hitler Germany. Not the nationalistic spirit, which was shared with world leaders both left and right, but the muted calls for killing of authority figures, mass murder of opponents, cultural purity, silencing of free speech, and politically motivated mob attacks. Lest the world forget, Fascism grew out of the Progressive movement, and was loved by them, and Nazism merely took the Progressive left’s love of Scientism, Social Darwinism, and Eugenics and used them for their own ends. Today’s Neo-Modernists are proving themselves the true rightful heirs of the Progressive/fascist legacy, and growing more dangerous by the day.

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  1. arnoldfishman said:

    TCM, another aspect of diversity is that the homosexuals have used diversity as a cloak to hide within. Since their lifestyle is deviant, and deep down in their spirit or conscience, most of them know it, I believe they need to push the diversity meme for themselves and of course to change society.

    • 8 studies over twenty years proved beyond a doubt the origins of homosexuality are psychological. The 2002 Bearman and Brueckner study for example showed adolescents identical twins had a same sex attraction concordance of 7.7% for males and 5.3% for females. The 2000 Bailey, Dunne and Martin study pf Australian identical twins found a concordance of 11% and 14% respectively. The low level of concordance does not equate that that percentage of gays were born that way, only that some level of underlying genetic tendencies played a role in a very small portion of such people.
      The truth is, the human mind can sexualize a coke bottle. Defecation, dead bodies, pain, animals, and a innumerable other things are sexual fixations by millions. The idea that somehow gays are immune, and inherently biological in origin is ludicrous, and has been a lie spread across the world. Today, the left not only gives cover to those poor souls with troubled minds, but to violence, hate and intolerance as well.