The Hidden Left’s AstroTurfing of America


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Last Sunday an important question was asked of Chris Wallace by Newt Gingrich. He noted, on the Fox News Sunday, that the massive organizational effort that propped up for the Parkland shooting protests took a lot of money, he simply asked, “where is all that coming from.” Chris retorted, “What difference does it make?” While Newt uncharacteristically fumbled this softball counter question, his original point is well taken.

The truth is, despite media hype, the protests have mostly fallen flat. The six hundred thousand expected in DC was more like two hundred thousand. More importantly, the rally makeup was not what it was touted to be. Most of the attendees were not agitated and manipulated school kids, but older professional protestors; people who show up to carry signs whenever there is a chance to oppose sanity.

While there was no doubt there were people in DC filled with real anger and passion, but their numbers were padded with people who show up no matter the cause. Both groups were the recipients of a well funded protest machine. Through organizations like media matters, a network has been established with the ability to call on large numbers of people to protest at a moments notice; often providing logistical, and even financial remuneration. While many local protests were filled with actual manipulated teens, there was still an active organizational effort by groups to instigate and encourage the walkouts.

This is not about the right to protests, or people expressing their views, but an organized effort to undermine society by an unknown entity. This group or groups sole purpose seems to revolve around either subsidizing protests that fit an agenda, or ginning up false anger where not enough real anger exists. A clear effort meant to move public opinion and scare advertisers, making it seem as though left-wing issues have more popular support than they do.

The fact that these people are able to rent venues, print banners and leaflets, organize buses and hotels, and basically do in days what most groups take months to accomplish is impressive. A full time experienced staff standing at the ready is needed for this effort, and to Newt’s point, who is paying for the organizing?

One of the financiers is undoubtedly George Soros, but likely not the only one. For him, using his money (ill gotten through destructive exploitation of financial systems) to manipulate people is a full time preoccupation. An evil puppeteer who has created a shadow media empire. The question is, is he the only one?

Any single individual or small group, utilizing money and freedom to manipulate a free society is troublesome. Spreading propaganda, whose sole purpose is to undermine societal values, the protest machine’s political clout undermines and abuses the liberty the framers bequeathed to this generation. It is a repugnant aberration of evil, and should be exposed. Unfortunately, it is covered for by a complacent media that supports the agenda of these shadow entities.

In an age of Russia trying to influence America’s elections, the thought of outside influences financing disruptions in American society should be troublesome. Is China or Russia involved in funneling money to the protest organizations? Such is pure supposition, but would there be much surprise if they were? Certainly somebody is, but few if anybody are trying to find out who.

Black Lives Matter, the anti-police demonstrations, the anti-Trump rallies and immigration protests have all been shown to have professional organizers involved.  When protests have turned violent, it has been bused in outsiders that have often led the way. Small protest turned into national spectacles, large ones made larger and with some created out of thin air; there is little doubt the powers behind the AstroTurf outrage have been very successful. People and companies are cowering in the face of potential backlash from these groups.

The truth is, people have died due to the passions that have been fanned. Something that makes it all the more absurd when one asks,”What difference does it make?” The left’s latest hero, David Hogg, is nothing but a foul mouthed ignorant kid; made into something he is not. Created by a cabal of left leaning news and social media, and puppeteers somewhere behind the scenes, he is a useful idiot being used by forces he can’t possibly comprehend.

While the left leaning power brokers in the media are there for all to see, those trying to cause chaos by funding the protests remain hidden. Pulling back the curtain on these financial backers of mayhem is necessary, if for no other reason then to know the names of The Republic’s enemies.

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