The Threat of Social Justice


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It has been pointed out, that Social Justice is neither social nor just. The term itself is an oxymoron, like hot snow or large dwarf. Nothing can by both social, consisting of a group, and involve justice, getting what one deserves according to his/her individual actions.

In fact, by declaring whole communities either victims or victimizers, it becomes a self-evident evil; robbing select people of their capital or opportunity due to the accident their birth, only to give it to another due to theirs. By eliminating individual merit, Social Justice ends up being akin to an old world vendetta; seeking vengeance on anyone connected to perceived wrongs, no matter how tenuously. By dividing up humanity by skin color, ethnicity or other artificial means, it is also inherently antisocial.

If one stops at this point, it should already be apparent to the reasonable mind that Social Justice is evil and dehumanizing. Unfortunately, the problems do not end there. Social Justice is a tool used to not only divide populations, and deprive them of their individuality, it plants the seeds of mass hysteria.

Mass movements have certain commonalities, regardless of motivation. The participants feel:

  1. The present situation is intolerable.
  2. They feel inadequate as individuals to address the problems before them
  3. They find a religious like strength and purpose in joining whatever cause they see as rectifying the situation

Revolutions are bred of these, and men given to sacrifice life, family, and belongings when part of such a movement. If based in restoring social order, or defending it, the movement can be a catalyst for constructive change. Such struggles like the Revolutionary War, or the public marshalling in support of World War II, are such an example.

There is a second kind of mass movement that has nothing to do with defending the rights of individuals (The American Revolution) or home and hearth (WW II), one built on utopian fantasy, or re-establishing some imagined ancient order.  Mass movements in this mold add to the previous list a near pathological disdain for the present. They are equally motivated by hate (both of the present/recent past, and those people and institutions that support it) and a Utopia that they imagine will exist once the present order is destroyed. For them, they fight not for God and country, or even posterity, but to wipe out their perceived tormentors and create a new order. Nor longer individuals, they become actors in a grand scheme/play, a grand epic with glorious final act.

Bolsheviks sought a Marxist Utopia, NAZIs a glorious 3rd Reich, and ISIS the final great Caliphate. To that end, they each in turn sought the extermination of the bourgeoisie, the Jews, and infidels. Those who embraced these movements found purpose in them. A reason to not only to live, but more importantly one for which they were willing to kill and die for. The commonality of those who embraced these archetypal evils were feelings of hopelessness, and/or inadequacy; people searching for something to give meaning to their perceived pitiful existence. It was not mere coincidence that the poor and the rich made up the bulk of those recruited. Those who find fulfillment in church, family, or other institutions are immune to the call of mass mania. In contrast, the lost soul disillusioned with his life, questioning his existence, forms the perfect recruit.

These people, once infused with their new religion, become immune to logic. Reason only results in anger for those who fully embrace their new found faith. Like any zealot, logical discourse that tests, or goes against the tenants they have embraced, is met with rage. Their opponents become devils, deserving neither of quarter or even to be seen as fully human. If all of this seems familiar, it should; it is currently being played out across the globe.

Social Justice not only creates injustice and is anti-social, it is a catalyst for violence. It tills the soil of discontent, while fertilizing disillusionment. It both creates devils, and foments hatred of them. For Social Justice warriors, conservatives (and those linked to them) become their bourgeoisie, their infidel, their Jew. Social Justice is potent rallying force for evil: Giving its adherents a common purpose, people to hate, and creates potential recruits for its cause.

The rising tide of violence is likely only to get worse. Antifa has attacked hundreds of innocent people, and has been utilizing ever more dangerous weapons. Black Lives Matter has inspired the assassination of police officers across the nation, and free speech protestors are growing ever more violent as well. Even the NFL kneelers are reflections of the same disease. It is just a matter of time until bombs go off, and rioting turns even more violent. Like Marxists, Nazis, and Islamiists, many of these “warriors” see themselves on a holy mission, and believe utopia can be had if they can destroy the present society and create their own. What they are missing is a single leader to direct them, a messiah able to lead them to the promised land they believe victory will bring. Many had hoped Barack Obama would be the one, but he failed them.

For now, the various social justice cults will continue to agitate and attack as they get ever more impatient for their time to come. If society continues to feed their psychosis, and pay homage to their ideology, it will.

“The Conservative Mind”

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2 thoughts on “The Threat of Social Justice”

  1. arnoldfishman said:

    TCM, i think an important point needs to be added in that the SJWs are a new expression of an old revolution, namely socialism from either the communist international revolution or from the fascist side of the same coin. Its vital in understanding their historical roots as they did not just appear on campuses around the country out of thin air. thank you. (Also, your last sentence is missing its finish)

    • Thank you for your comment, and the missing period was added. The ideology that these people rise from is old indeed, and really can be traced back to the French Revolution. The psychology of it was what I was going after, I spent time in Rwanda, and the mass psychosis that happened during the genocide is not so different. One can see it repeated often in many places and times around the globe, So many people do not understand the religiosity of these groups and the danger they pose. Social Justice is but one aspect to this, but a very significant one.