https://i0.wp.com/cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/160516090647-transgender-bathroom-graphic-4-full-169.jpgThe Obama presidency was one marked by gravoling at the feet of the world’s dictators. Between apologizing for America’s sins, and bowing to kings, he capitulated to enemies and signed one sided trade deals. For him, America was the problem, and humility shown through humiliation was the price to be paid.

Due to his failure to understand the true nature of the world, he made repeated catastrophic decisions. Most markedly, his early withdrawal from Iraq resulting in ISIS creating a caliphate. Then, his inability to commit fully to eradicating it resulted in genocide. Similarly, in weakness he bribed his way to a deal with Iran that at best delayed the inevitable, at the worst gave cover for the Ayatollahs to continue on the path of nuclearization unabated. One can’t forget his failures dealing with China, Russia, and North Korea as well. All of this goes to prove that weakness and capitulation in the face of evil never ends well.

While liberals lead on surrendering to those wishing ill on the international front, domestically it is the conservative contingent that has constantly given ground. Correspondingly, the left may be invertebrates abroad, they have had spines of steel domestically. Something that has allowed them to slowly erode the civil society, and the institutions that support it.

The past hundred years has seen Western societies move steadily to the left, mostly to their detriment. Conservatives have whined, and at times put up halfhearted fights, but in the end it has been long surrender to the forces lined up against them. This despite the fact that their positions have nearly always held majority support.

The left has successfully advanced its agenda, often against popular opinion. This cabal of elitist groups and rabid activists have been able to overcome their opposition time and time again. With the exception of the Tea Party movement, conservatives have been ineffective at putting up much of a united front to oppose the left. What the tea party was able to accomplish (and UKIP in Britain) shows how effective conservative coalitions can be. Unfortunately, most of the time those tying to resist the liberal onslaught have been ineffective.

The left fights dirty, and has no qualms about using any means it deems necessary. In contrast, conservatives try to follow the civilized rules they are defending. Like a a Queensberry rules pugilist going up against a dirty street fighter, conservatives end up getting mauled and humiliated time and time again. The result has been devastating for society.

Giving credence and respect to those that deserve neither may make one feel he/she is above it all, but often it means being played for a fool. This is not to say that conservatives should act like Antifa thugs, or shout down opponents like infantile leftest do, but they do need to grow a back bone. To borrow a phrase from the leftest playbook, be willing to speak truth to power.  This means without qualification, or hint of apology. Talking straight to the heart of the leftest dogma, responding to their lies with truth and facts, and even humor or satire. Such strategy works when the speaker is knowledgeable, and does not parse the message.

Trump is not necessarily knowledgeable, or gifted with great insight. Nonetheless, he has shown how effective being willing to speak one’s mind can be.  How much more could those with a mind, and knowledge of what they speak, accomplish if they did the same? Calling out idiocy for what it is, and backing it up with facts, is a clear way to make headway. In contrast, being diplomatically humble gets one trounced again and again.

This is not a call to be rude, or to shoot from the lip, but to stand unabashedly and straightforward against those who would destroy society. In so doing, one can’t be dissuaded by the fanatics who now inhabit the public stage. They are best ignored. Like pearls before swine, truth imparted to them only elicits rage. It is the great masses of uninformed that must be persuaded, not the those already committed to a false path. For the masses, a weak kneed apologetic sounding response from conservatives gives credence to leftest lunacy.

The direction of societies is most often driven from the fringes, with the great mass being pushed one direction, or another, by those whose passion exceeds the norm. So far, the most passionate side has been the left. Winning ground back means passionately and unapologetically pressing the case for sanity;  This is the lesson of Trump and Reagan. Both did it differently, Reagan mixed straight talk with humor, Trump with acidic Tweets. Where Reagan had earned a PhD in conservative thought, Trump doesn’t even know what the term conservative means. Still, both showed bold colors beat pastels every time.

“The Conservative Mind”

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