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https://img.thedailybeast.com/image/upload/c_crop,d_placeholder_euli9k,h_1440,w_2560,x_0,y_0/dpr_2.0/c_limit,w_740/fl_lossy,q_auto/v1508194899/171015-madison-hollywood-tease-2_rbolbjThe Documentary “An Open Secret” explores Hollywood’s sexual exploitation of boys.  A must see available for a limited time on Vimeo. (Click on Image). 

Liberalism is formed from many roots, all firmly grounded in the soil of rebellion. Beliefs that go against the conventional, whether it is religion, traditions, or even morality, it does not matter. One of these beliefs is Nihilism. Championed by the  Fredrick Nietzsche, a man nearly deified by the left, it tears at America’s soul like rabid wolf. Declaring all that exist as merely a step to the next, Nihilist see the world as shifting shades of gray, with right and wrong merely reflections of time and place. Nothing is fixed, no truths eternal. Morality, to them, is merely a relative term.

Nothing has lasting value, says the Nihilist, all must be put to the test of the enlighten inquisitor. To this end, Nietzsche saw art as a vehicle for testing and attacking the boundaries of society. Pushing the envelope is a task many artist embrace with religious ferocity, and with each victory only encouraging them to the next. No limits, no brakes, and no respect for anything but change and the power to force it on others. It is this philosophy, combined with other isms (scientism, progressivism, socialism etc.), that motivates most of those in the media (both news and entertainment).

As said, no boundary, regardless of how long established, is sacred. This is especially true in the areas of sex and sex roles. Trading sex for favors is as old as mankind, but the left in media have created an environment where it has been allowed to flourish unchecked; only some of which has come to light with the recently with the revelations about Harvey Weinstein and others.

Prostitution is pushed as merely sex work by progressives/liberals (libertarians as well). If prostitution is merely a contractual agreement, than what is wrong with asking sex for favors, or even part of employment? Is it not merely a trade? If so, than the next step of demanding sex for favors granted is a small one indeed. Harvey and others took that road, and Hollywood elites winked and laughed. His current expulsion from the chic click seems to have come due to his escapades became public, and some of his victims deciding maybe there are some boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.

Harvey was one of the most powerful, but predators like him are a dime a dozen in what locals call Hollywierd. The more salient secret is the way kids are treated. Hollywood is ripe with pedophiles, Harveys whose victims are children. Over the years, rumors and accusations have surfaced, but only rarely have prosecutions went forward (Ex. Roman Polanski). More often then not, the victims have suffered in silence as adults stole their innocence. Dan Schneider of Nickelodeon, for instance, has had as many rumors regarding his exploitation of girls, as Harvey has about women, but is still working with kids.

Kevin Spacey came out as gay, after it was reveled he preyed on young boys. Apparently feeling that he was gay made it all right. There is reason for him to have such a belief, homosexual predation on boys has a long history in Hollywood. Even convicted child molesters like Brian Peck can work unabated. NAMBLA has always seemed intertwined with tinsel town, with many of its power brokers rumored to be members. Something the documentary An Open Secret gives credence to.

Where does it end, given the trend towards letting men follow little girls into restrooms, and Cosmo’s push to normalize incest, it doesn’t! Cosmopolitan Magazine has a long history of pushing open sex relationships, even among teens, as well as supporting abortion over having kids. The rag hit a new low when it published an article sympathizing with women who sleeps with her brother. Although the pair are adults, the article’s message to its many teen readers is that such things are normal.

When all things are relative, culture and morality included, there becomes no limits on behavior. Boundaries, moral and otherwise, are in turn tested, trampled, and then forgotten. This is the goal of the left, for whom nothing is sacred. Many of those feigning anger over Weinstein, have themselves worked to erase the lines of common decency. It is no surprise, numbers of those now crying crocodile tears over the escapades of Harvey, Stacy  and others, were once their enablers. Even if some of them did not know of the scummy behaviors (quite unlikely), many have spent a lifetime undermining the very rules of society meant to keep monsters like Stacy and Weinstein at bay.

Beyond the recent revelations, is the general degradation by the media complexes of societal mores needed to hold the Civil Society together. Men like Stacy, Schneider, Peck, Weinstein, and numerous others in media do not operate for years in a vacuum, they are protected by community whose sense of decency no longer exist.

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