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https://i0.wp.com/neguswhoread.com/wp-content/uploads/bfi_thumb/6a010535ce1cf6970c01b8d06105e4970c-mlcz75w8p868jgg5mkqqb0by3xvh2s4gqor000p4a0.jpgPrivileged, the status of having stature beyond normal, or able to command resources beyond average people. Having a life of privilege brings to mind being rich, and given opportunities not available to most. In the social justice mind, it just means being white. Of course, most think of rich politicians like Barack Obama, sports icons like Michael Jordan, and their children. It certainly does not make people think of poor farm hand, or uneducated backwoodsman. Yet, for many the first are representative of a permanent underclass, while the second are the ones privileged beyond measure. Of course, these are not the examples those who protest White Privilege would use.

Those that claim White Privilege exists point to various issues and statistics to show some people have negative experiences due to their race. In an example from the Neil Cavuto Show, Neil commented on the difficulty of a black male getting a cab in New York City; his guest, Martin Luther King’s niece, responded with the exclamation of white privilege. The fact that Neil could get a cab quickly, while his compatriot had to wait for someone to pick him up, is a reflection of Neil living in a state of normalcy, while his friend suffered the consequences of cab drivers of all races being afraid to give a ride to black males in that city. The fact is, it was not Neil’s “privilege” that was the issue, it is not a privilege to be able to hail a cab. The problem lies in the fear many feel when they are approached by a black male. A fear that pervades whether the driver is black, another minority, or white. One based in experience, and backed by statistics that say the probability of getting robbed or worse goes up dramatically according to who they pick up.

The problems do not end with cab rides, bad schools are everywhere, but inner city schools are on average the worst. Prison populations reflect crime rates, with certain minorities making a large percentage of those incarcerated. This is not reflections of White Privilege, no more than high success rates among those with Asian ancestry is a result of Asian privilege. The real issue is sections of the civil society breaking under duress.

To accord problems, such as black males not able to quickly get a cab, crime/arrests, poverty rates, college enrollments, and others, to White Privilege covers up the real issues. Such blanket statements makes living normal lives a crime, while blotting out problems facing some minority groups. Using a contrived definition of privilege means not having to address failing schools, broken families, and destructive prevailing social attitudes. The solution to the purveyors of the White Privilege myth is to tear down all of society to the its lowest common denominator. The result is to further disadvantage those most in need of real help.

Those screaming about White Privilege don’t demand better schools for disadvantaged youth, instead they attack white people who achieve success or get accepted to a prestigious institution like Yale. Theirs is not a philosophy of helping those in need, but of demanding an equal sharing of misery. Of course, there idiocy does not stop at demeaning the successful based on their race, they often want to lower standards to accommodate those who get a sham education.

In a recent example, a professor of mathematics has declared teaching students how to solve algebra and geometry problems is perpetuating White Privilege. She seems to be suggesting that: A. Minorities can’t be successfully brought up to standard, and B. That teaching hard subjects is paramount to enabling whites to further their privileged status. Not only are these assumptions wrong, they are plain racist. Of course, the whole “White Privilege” agenda is racist.

The goal of the left seems to be to keep as many blacks as possible ignorant and poor. This is backed up by many of the same people opposing school choice, and refusing to address illegitimacy rates in black communities. The truth is, if keeping large numbers of blacks, and to some extent Latinos, permanently poor is their goal, they are doing a bang up job of it. Getting good grades, and even going to college, is looked down upon by many in these groups. It is called trying to be “white,” a side effect of demonizing normalcy and even success.

They further dissuade minorities from even trying to advance by relaying a false narrative, one that says the world is so racist it is almost impossible for minorities to succeed. Michelle Obama, for example. told group of black students if they work twice as hard they will get half as far whites. She should of exclaimed the fences of racism are gone, torn down with only posts still standing. Posts that can be easily walked around. She could of held herself and her husband’s presidency up as examples of a society open to their dreams. Instead, like a modern Uncle Tom, she did the Democratic Party bidding, by discouraging most from even trying to be successful.

The term “White Privilege” is black poison. Attacking those who have done no wrong, while crushing the dreams of those most in need of encouragement.

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