In a rarely cited Harvard study, it was concluded that the number of non-citizens voting in the U.S. was enough to swing close elections. This study looked at non-citizens (illegal and legal), voting in U.S. elections, not double registrations, vote harvesting, or other ways the election process can be contaminated. Of course, any attempts to reign in voter fraud are met with calls of voter suppression by Democrats, the primary beneficiary of fraudulent votes.

If the Harvard CCES study was the only real evidence of illegal voting, it would be enough to encourage honest men and women to seek to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, when it comes to voting, honesty is in short supply.

Not that long ago, a Democrat was caught giving homeless cigarettes to vote, and Acorn was charged with voter fraud for its encouraging of unlawful voting. There have also been many cases of exploiting the severely developmentally disabled to pad votes. The most recent event being a Democratic operative registering dead people to vote. The Democrats have insisted these are isolated instances, and nothing to get excited about. The evidence is mounting that not only are they wrong , they are encouraging it. In fact, they seem to be to be trying to get as many illegal voters registered as they can. From Spanish speaking canvassers in California, to Somali refugees being brought to the polls in Democratic Party vans in Ohio, the idea seems to be to encourage as many non-citizens to vote as possible.

It has also been shown, many districts in the U.S. have more registered voters than people of voting age. That these are all Democratically controlled should not be of surprise. Such districts exist in several states, and have come to light only recently. In fact, according to one group, 141 counties in the U.S. have more registered voters than eligible voters. Now Judicial Watch has gotten on board with the fraudulent vote fight. Demanding accountability from California for its out of control illegal voting, or face legal action. In Los Angeles for example, the number of registered voters is 148% of the eligible voter population.

Still, with smoke billowing out of the U.S. election process, Democrats are insisting that no fire exist, and rabidly attack those who suggest otherwise. Some of this smoke has come in voting irregularities, especially in 2012. At a time when wide spread reports of voting machines changing people’s votes were popping up, many districts across the nation had astounding 100% of the votes go for Obama.

In an expose, investigative journalist James O’Keefe caught a Democratic politician’s son explaining how voting fraud is done, and how he could help in orchestrating it. While declared just a case of hypothetical ramblings, the man had no problem explaining the process in exquisite detail. Pointing out the laws, the methods of manipulation, the avenues to available to circumvent roadblocks, etc., it was all pretty impressive for someone supposedly speaking off the cuff.

Election fraud actually has a long history in America. One of the most notable examples is Chicago’s Mayor Daley’s political machine. Daley’s electioneering enterprise was likely instrumental in getting JFK elected. The close election in Illinois meant the voting irregularities in Chicago made the difference in the presidential election. Similarly, election engineering might of played a significant role in Obama’s win in 2012.

Today, voter drives among refugee groups, likely illegal Spanish only speakers, and others, is mainstream Democratic party policy. Similarly, opposing voter ID, or any attempt to give the voting process increased legitimacy, is as well. Correspondingly, voting vans for Republicans have had tires slashed, voter’s exiting Republican buses intimidated through screaming crowds, and even the famous pro Obama club wielding thugs threatening conservative voters. One would have a hard time finding any such instances of Republicans doing the same. The more recent treatment of Trump supporters seems to show the trend is getting worse, not better.

There is a reason illicit voting activity, whether it be voting fraud or suppression, is centered around liberal districts to the benefit of Democrats. It is a short step from reallocating jobs, justice and opportunity based on race to the tilting of elections to benefit one group over another. It could even be called social justice by those so inclined. That said, not all are driven by some misguided, and ultimately evil, concept of justice; for many it all boils down to power.

When the voting rights act first appeared, Democrats like Kennedy and Johnson vehemently opposed it. Johnson even bragged about this and his opposition to anti-lynching legislation as well. But when the tables turned, they did also. Power, by hook, crook, or deception became their new meme. One that many follow to this day.

This is not to say America’s elections are all rigged, 9o+ percent of voting is legitimate, but it is the edges that are getting frayed. In light of this, Trump’s attempt to get a hold of this should be applauded, even if the implementation has been somewhat clumsy. Similarly, Judicial Watch’s willingness to take on districts with bloated voter registration roles is long overdue. Vote suppression can come in many ways, you can prevent the vote or negate it by committing vote fraud. The club toting goons outside polling stations seen during Obama’s election are thankfully rare, but vote dilution is unfortunately not.

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