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Saving the Welfare State?

The state saw an 85 percent drop in food stamp recipients

The states that now are re instituting workfare requirements, requiring people receiving assistance to do work for that assistance, are seeing dramatic drops in the number of recipients. In one Alabama county, the number of people getting food stamps went down a whopping 85%. It seems, the need for this assistance was not nearly as compelling as the desire not to work. While the Obama administration touted expanding welfare roles as a sign of his administrations compassion, even going as far as hiring door to door salesmen to sign up elderly to the program, Republicans took a different route. Seeing compassion as being connected to responsibility, they asked those living off the tax payer to earned a bit of that charity. A rather simple request with profound consequences.

An Anti-Crime Wave


A widely reported story, at least on conservative websites, a shift of seismic proportions happened in Phoenix. As reported in an interview done on FoxNews, crime in Phoenix dropped across the board: Auto thefts fell by 36 percent, robberies 23 percent, thefts by 19 percent, burglaries by 14 percent, and assaults by 13 percent. The Genesis, of this massive drop in crime, was a simple decision by the city to no longer embrace sanctuary city polices. While the left tried to crucify Trump for saying rapist and thieves were among those traveling the deserts between Mexico and the United States, the fact is drug and gun runners are not saints.

While not all that transverse the back country, looking for illicit entry into the land of opportunity, are criminals, the percentage that are is sizeable. Give those hiding from immigration a hide-out, and you will get MS-13 along with Mario the tree trimmer. Give up on this insanity, and the criminals have one less place to hide.

Applying Common Sense to Immigration made a YUGE Difference


What a difference a election makes. By the simple act of getting elected, Donald Trump slashed the number of illegal immigrants entering through America’s broken back door. While under Obama, trainloads of people rushed across the border; a movement that slowed to a trickle after Trump took office. All it took was a simple promise to enforce the law. Something that is one of the President’s prime responsibilities. Where children were exposed to dangerous, and potentially deadly journey’s, kidnapped for prostitution and drug running, and virtually sold to MS-13 under Obama, the situation nearly instantly stopped when Trump took office.

On May 9th, the Washington Times reported that illegal border crossings had dropped an estimated 76% since The Donald took office. Something that had open border advocates head’s exploding (for CNN, yes this is a metaphor). The initial success has somewhat muted since then, with May and June figures only down 63% and 53% respectively. Arrests on the other hand are up 150% (a number made up almost entirely of those involved in some level of criminality).

Funny how this works, enforce the law and it makes an impact on crime.  Something that liberal minds might want to contemplate.

No Magic in Magic Wand Economics?

Minimum wages have long been associated with combating exploitation by employers. The truth is that employment that does not involve acts of fraud, lying, or withholding risk information, can’t be deemed exploitative. It is a voluntary association for mutual benefit. If you agree to work for X amount for work performed, that is a decision being made voluntarily. The employer, for his or her part, is offering a wage he hopes will guarantee enough qualified people will want to do the work he needs done. Through this back and forth exchange, wages are set; in no way can this be declared exploitative. Of course, liberals do not care if real exploitation exists or not, for them it is always about appealing to humanities baser nature in order to advance themselves. This is true even when it harms those they say they want to help.

In Seattle and elsewhere, increases in minimum wage have meant less people employed and drops in wages overall. In Seattle restaurant closures went up, and the number of jobs went down for the first time in years right after the minimum wage hike. Last year the number finally rose again, but at a historically low rate in compared t the economy as a whole. Those wage earners were, on average, making $1,500 less per year, as compared to before the minimum wage increase.

Nonetheless, Hypocrisy is Alive and Well

While the notations above have not made headlines, nor has the epic fail of gun control, the study showing transgender suicide is unaffected by acceptance, or the polls that show most Americans and Europeans agree on restricting immigration.  In fact, on a whole host of issues, statistics, and facts the elitist left and their media cohorts are utterly blind and death. Many of the statements they make are not only lacking perspective, they push the edge of sane discourse over the edge. Their incoherent lunacy that is now garnering them a bit of well deserved spotlight time. Social media, once their bulwark against the voices of reason, has been turned against them. This has happened as the affects of their disastrous policies  are becoming to great to ignore. Take for instance, the outrage over the Trump body slamming CNN meme. Everyone could see the humor in this modern, technology based, metaphor, everyone but the humorless left that is. Niel Cavuto did a good job of pointing out their hypocrisy on the issue, but did it really need pointing out?.

Reality is a place many on the left try not to visit.  They prefer to talk to mirrors, and within the halls of echo chambers.  Perfectly happy to reside in a universe were none of their lunacy is challenged, they often seek out safe spaces, or get violent, when challenged. They are willingly blind to their disenfranchisement of people’s rights to make employment contracts, protect themselves, or make laws for their own communities, yet call those that oppose them ignorant.

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