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In what is now defamed as Eurocentrism, the leading philosophical voices of the eighteenth century declared Europe the apex of societal evolution. With plenty of evidence to back it up, they saw the world at large as lagging behind. While they often mistakenly extrapolated this to mean Europeans themselves were superior, the foundations of their arguments were sound. In line with this, the American constitution and ideas it represented could be described as the culmination of all that the old world had accomplished.

Of all the concepts that laid the foundation for modern government and society, the Rule of Law and Individual Rights rank supreme. Those societies that don’t embrace these lag behind, and may be considered barbaric to varying degrees.

When weighed against the evidence, the popular ideas of cultural relativism, and equivalency are absurd on their face. Those who mutilate young girls genitalia, mark a person’s value according to birth, turn children into sex objects, or a myriad other acts of barbarity, represent a lower form of civilization. Like those who once believed the world flat, they are throwbacks to an earlier age of darkness and ignorance.

The foundation of Progressive belief is that the world is evolving into a higher state, and that the direction of societal evolution goes only in one direction. Today that theory is being left in tatters. The very threads that hold the fabric of modern society together are under attack. Waves of acidic ideas are starting to dissolve what took centuries to create. The I’m okay, your okay attitude, along with laws that are increasingly looked at as mere suggestions, represent the devolution of society. No longer about being judged before the law, groups of vigilantes roam the earth seeking to devour those who oppose their agendas. To paraphrase a Bible verse, it is as if civilization is under siege, and the violent are taking it by storm.

While the rise in terrorism, and its associated evil beyond measure, is a front and center example of this worldwide trend, there are many others. There are the acts of intolerance shown by progressives on college campuses, and in the street where attacks on free speech have increasingly turned into physical ones as well. Those who dare publicly declare support for President Trump are being routinely targeted by the violent left. Given this, the recent assassination attempt by one of these loons of Republican politicians should of come as no surprise.

https://i0.wp.com/neveryetmelted.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/AngryStudents.jpgPolitical discourse in the United States has devolved into death rants, assassination plays, and calls to blow up the White House. This follows a summer where police officer assassinations came shortly after Black Lives Matter protestors/rioters declared kill the police on some of their signs. The media, for its part, has become a cheerleader for this societal debasement.

When a convicted terrorist is honored in a Parade, colleges hail murderers as heroes, and rioters are declared social justice protestors, society has a problem. The left has always been schizophrenic when it comes to violence, denouncing micro-aggressions while decorating there walls with posters of mass murderers. Today “anti-fascist” thugs have a fondness for brown/black shirt tactics, and denizens of safe places make the world unsafe for others.

It was no coincidence that shortly after Black Lives Matter protestors sported signs calling for killing cops that actual police murders took place. Nor, should it come as a surprise that someone tried to kill conservative congressman after some liberals called for the assassination of Republicans. Despite a few Kumbaya moments after the the latest violence, the left is returning to the same ole rhetoric.

If this is what the Progressives call advancement, maybe its time to regress back a few decades. While the papers are filed with calls for “both” sides to cool the heated rhetoric, the propensity for violence has been completely one sided. Conservatives by nature, and definition, avoid physical confrontation and incitements to violence, and wacky alt-right types are too few to make the attempt. Like religious terrorism is owned by Islam, but not all Muslims are violent, the left is the bastion of political terror, both rhetorical and real.

Violence is in the left’s DNA, it was born of it and most of their heroes are murderers and thugs. When it seems to hold any promise of success, or their political victories are threatened, they revert back to it. The only hope of containing this tendency is to keep them and their agenda marginalized, or to surrender perpetually to it. The caveat to the second being that each time society surrenders to their agenda, the left’s demands get more radical and their minds more unhinged.

The public need to realize, that when bullets start flying, bombs are not far behind. Just like with Islamic terrorism, it is time to address these anti-fascist fascist, anti-hate haters, and anti-racism segregationist before they do even more damage.

“The Conservative Mind”

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