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For most, the blood from terrorist slaughter is met with righteous anger. That is most, there are some whose detachment from reality knows no bounds. The crucifixion of children, burning people alive, and other crimes too heinous to go into, have been called the result of social injustice by the kook crowd. Their answer to the tide of terror has been jobs programs for the debased and evil, increased educational opportunities for them, and even access to quality healthcare.

The reasons given for terrorists actions have also included the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. misogyny, imperialism, and even global warming. There seems no end to the excuses used by those seeking common ground with evil. The fact that many in terrorist organizations are college educated, and were relatively well off, before joining the Devil’s legions is lost on them.  Evan the Palestinian conflict is a mere sideshow for the likes of ISIS or Al Qaeda.

The truth is what it has always been, these are people who absorb evil into their very being. Like pedophiles and street gangsters, terrorist have embraced a perverted world view until it became part of them. What they seek is not jobs, education, or even any kind of justice a sane person would recognize as such. What they seek is a caliphate, a hellish place where only those like themselves are allowed to live. To obtain this in the name of Allah, they see no price to high to pay. Like those who willingly drank the kool aid, even death is no deterrent.

While the delusional nature of demented souls seeking to wreak havoc is undeniable, those seeking to make excuses for evil are equally unhinged. While the liberal minded professor talking jobs, education, or even health care as answers to terrorism is not himself a terrorist, his excuses and beliefs are enabling this evil. Similarly, simple minded celebrities advocating showing love to these hellish figures, and even opening boarders to them, have crossed over from naivete into sheer stupidity. The no-go neighborhoods in Europe are an example where this type of mentality leads. These incubators of terrorism dot the European landscape, and are defended by the left, AKA terror’s useful idiots.

While there is nothing wrong with benefit concerts and candlelight vigils to remember victims, these don’t mean diddly as far as the war on terrorists. And, there should be no mistake, this is a war against terrorists and their death cult, not the acts they commit. A war that will not be won by the run and hide tactics espoused by the police and Mayor of London.

While those spouting nonsense excuses are a minority in most of the world, their following is significant and power often unquestioned. It is also no coincidence that those making noise about seeking common ground with evil, are the same people promoting transgender insanity, embracing “alternative families,” and speaking out against “cultural appropriation.” People who live in alternate universes are prone to create alternate realities to match. Like the terrorists, they also excuse the carnage they create within society as either necessary or blame it on others. Carnage that increasingly includes physical violence and calls for the same.

The loons on the left have another thing in common with the terrorist they embrace. While a few souls find their way back from the dark world both genres inhabit, most remain wrapped up in its clutches. The only solution for warped minded leftist is to marginalize them into insignificance. As for the terrorists, death seems to be the only sure fire cure.

“The Conservative Mind”

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