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During the waning part of the nineteenth century and the birth of the twentieth, the progressives reigned supreme. Conservatives, those patrons of Burke and Tocqueville, were old hat. Seen as clingers to the past, much in the same way Medieval men who refused to accept the Gregorian Calendar were, they became the target of public scorn. Science was the new god, savior, and mentor all rolled into one. The elitist of this new age saw little value in history, tradition or precedent. For them, logic and science was all that was needed.

The great theories of the age were scientism, Darwinism, and eugenics. John Dewey spoke of directing humanity via its children, and Margaret Sangor on the need to control populations with “undesirable” traits. Even that hollowed document, the U.S. constitution, Woodrow Wilson declared needed to be interpreted according to “Darwinian principles.” (In other words, according to the whims of those in charge) It was a brave new world where progressive saw national dissent as intolerable. Wilson, under the fog of war, outlawed criticism of the government, and sent some to prison for speaking their minds. Even violence was often seen as justified, especially by unions.

Out of all of this, Fascism was born. Called the middle road between capitalism and communism, it sought to build on what the Progressives started. Putting the best and brightest minds from industry, unions, science and politics in charge of everything, they were the future; at least that is what the New York Times and many top Progressives of the time believed. Nazi’s took the fascist idea a step further, combining progressive administrative ideas with their Darwinian beliefs. Following the progressive road map, the Nazi’s took it to its ultimate and horrifying end. (It was progressive Bernard Shaw who first suggested “humanely” gassing the less desirable of society)

Today’s Progressives pretend they were against fascism all along, and use the term liberally to smear any who oppose their ascendancy. What they are really showing is the differences between the progressive mindset of 1920 and today is merely semantical.

Science is once again talked about in near religious terms. Claiming to want to save the planet, polar bears, and forest, the left is awash in semi-scientific propaganda. Avoiding the rabid racism of yesteryear, Progressives have abandoned forced segregation, for self-segregation. Encouraging people to avoid cultural appropriation and maintain a “multi-cultural” society.  Where Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger spoke about eugenics and controlling birthrates among certain populations in her books and before Klan rallies, her organization today speaks of women’s right to an abortion (as they concentrate their services in the poorest of neighborhoods). One thing that has changed is the love affair with democracy (if it ever existed), with many preferring an acceptable dictator over leaving their chances to the ballot box.

Add to this modern and historical Progressives penchant for violence, you get today’s toxic mix. In fact, the rise in violence is the most disturbing development among this group. Promoting civil unrest, and attacking opponents, they seem eerily similar to Mussolini’s Black Shirts or Hitler’s brown. Devoid of central leadership, and preferring terrorist looking garb to military like uniforms, the street punks lack some aspects of fascist street gangs; nonetheless, they have more in common than not.

The truth is, there are substantial numbers among them, that would think nothing of marching certain members of humanity into gas chambers, and opening the valves. Increasing references to genocide speckle their language, along with talk of “war” and “assassination.” Future Himmlers and Eichmanns, lacking only opportunity but not resolve.

The earth has unarguably entered a new era of barbarity. With ISIS revealing man’s penchant for evil, and progressives showing that it can also come with college degrees. The modern progressive left is uncomfortably close to their proto-fascist kin. Unable to take control, they are looking for a charismatic savior to whisk them to prominence. A globalist Adolf or Il Duce able to lead them that final mile. Many had hoped Obama would be the one, but alas he fell short. God help humanity if they find whom they seek.

“The Conservative Mind”

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