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Communist frontman? Ng Lap Seng was seen shaking hands with Bill Clinton in a picture taken before the revelation of illegal money being donated to the 1996 Clinton campaignNg Lap Seng, Chinese billionaire who funneled money to the Clintons and the DNC

Their was a time when a nuclear North Korea was the talk of science fiction, and it was China who couldn’t get missiles to fly straight. Concurrently, the U.S. was warming to a new Russia, and the former Eastern Bloc countries were itching to embrace the west. As history would have it, the man overseeing this change was named Bill Clinton.

In the 1990s China was just emerging from its primordial ooze under Mao. It had successfully transitioned from a third world agricultural economy to a developing industrial one. Still, its prowess was in making shoes and trinkets; technologically speaking, it was still decades behind the west. While it had a few nuclear weapons, it had notoriously unreliable long range capabilities and bombs too big to fit in a warhead. Militarily, they were just too far behind to pose a threat to the American homeland. At least that was the scenario when Clinton took office.

If China was honest about who to thank for its present technological prowess, it would raise a monument to former President Clinton in the center of Beijing. At a time when talk of Chinese money flowing into Democratic coffers was regularly making headlines, Bill Clinton was busy guiding the Asian giant into the World Trade Organization (WTO) and giving it Most Favored Nation (MFN) trade status. With China dictating the trade rules, the communist turned fascist country allowed foreign companies to enter their markets, that is as long as the goods were manufactured there and foreign companies had Chinese partners. In return, Clinton made sure the the U.S. gave China full U.S. markets access! For China it was a win win, with firms lining up to hand over their technology to them at home, and an open door to commit industrial espionage on American soil.

As if the 90’s trade deals were not enough, Bill was not finished. He not only refused to prosecute major Democratic Party contributors for transferring missile technology to the Chinese, he then gave them permission to overtly what they had been doing in the shadows. In an act reminiscent of the Rosenberg’s selling the atomic bomb to Russia, Clinton handed the Chinese the final keys to unlocking ICBM technology. Today, China can target any U.S. city it wants, thanks to William Jefferson Clinton.

To make matters worse, President Clinton’s administration approved the transfer of Rare Earth Elements (REE) company Magnequench to China as well. Essentially handing them the ability to efficiently process REE for use in their blossoming defense and high tech industries. Today, thanks to this, and the EPA shutting down the biggest REE mine outside of China, the Asian giant controls 90% of the world’s REE supply.

Lastly, it was well known that the Chinese were taking advantage of lax security at America’s labs to steal what it could not buy. Under Bill Clinton security counter measures remained lax, a mistake that, when combined with the ex-President’s other betrayals, completed the last piece of China’s nuclear puzzle. Taken right out from under U.S. noses, the Chinese walked out with the knowledge needed to miniaturize nuclear weapons for use in a warhead. Fatale complete.

https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.history.state.gov/milestones/korean-crisis.jpgClinton’s approach to North Korea (DPRK) was just nearly as disastrous to America’s national security. Abandoning the wall of containment built by his predecessors, he decided to kowtow and bribe them instead; even sending former President Jimmy Carter, and later Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, to the rogue regime. His strategy of offering billions in bribes, including modern nuclear reactor technology, only encouraged the regime to act up more. Like Pavlov’s dogs, DPRK learned acting like madmen and making outlandish threats got them what they needed. Playing the former President for a fool, the North Koreans never intended to pull back from their nuclear ambitions one bit. While critics say that the North would of still likely made the leap to atomic weaponry, especially given its cozy relationship with Pakistan. Nonetheless, what Bill did most certainly helped shorten the time line considerably.

Of course there were other failures as well. The unfettered aid that fed Russia’s rising oligarchy, and the refusal to deal head on with Russia’s sales of missile technology to Iran until it was too late. Technology that is now front and center as Iran seeks to be the next nuclear power.

While like Obama, Clinton’s Korean and Russian failures can be chalked up to ideological fed incompetence, his Chinese deals were driven by something more, basic greed. While he was President, the Chinese had a shopping list; one he was enthusiastic bagged for them, for a price. He seemed simply not to care what the consequences were, as long as the plan advanced him personally (A trait him and Hillary share).

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