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The salad bowl society is not unlike the image reflected back by a fractured mirror. Each piece of glass giving a partial but distorted view of the whole. While microcosms of ethnic and religious differences exist in all societies, the sanctimonious elites of today are intent on taking it to an all new level. While many nationalist might want to enforce strict definitions of who belongs and who doesn’t, the left wishes to create walls of ethnic purity all their own. The difference between them is similar to having a quilt bland in its uniformity, and one made up of a patch work of incompatible shards of fabric. Both seek a kind of ethnic purity and segregation; both ultimately end in hatred and conflict.

A healthy society is one rich in both diversity and bonded by threads of conformity. Like a pastoral painting with many intricate details of daily life, but whose over all theme is unmistakable, the civil world is one in which rich cultural differences are held together with common values and shared patriotism.

In the multicultural world, the natural mixing and cultural sharing endemic in a healthy community is increasingly under attack. Each to his pond seems to be the message. Like the indigenous jungle tribes that are kept isolated so anthropologist can have their zoos (at least until the people die off), each group is expected to keep its “culture” intact. To do anything else is to commit the cardinal sin of cultural appropriation. A crime akin to theft in the liberal mind.

For example, Mother Jones editor, Clara Jeffery, decried naming a missile Tomahawk, insisting it was offensive to Native Americans. Similarly, in the past few months white men and women sporting dreadlocks have found themselves under physical threat. Even jewelry is not exempt, at Pitzer college the call went out for non-blacks to stop wearing hoop earrings.

This lunacy is not new, but under Obama it gained momentum. Native Americans were encouraged to be outraged at team mascots, or names that evoke their heritage. It did not matter if they were or not, the liberals went on the “war path” any way. Black styles and music worn or sung by others were deemed as legitimate reasons for pretentious pithy outrage.

In truth, the hypocrisy by the self appointed guardians of cultural sanctity oozes from their pores. The woman in the video above, Bonita Tindle, accosting a student over his hair was oblivious to her own “crimes.” She likely went out later and ate Chinese food, and maybe washed it down with German beer. In fact, from the clothes she wares, the language she uses, to the food she eats, almost everything is a mixture of cultural influences far beyond anything she can imagine. Cross cultural sharing is an inevitable and natural part of human existence.

Cultures are not not normally static, they change overtime as influences, both internal and external, act on the populous. Much of Western Europe still bears the marks of the Romans, and in the east itinerant Slavic farmers left their imprint as well. In much of Western Africa the influence of French cuisine and habits is unmistakable. On the the eastern side, Indian and Arab touches are everywhere. Malaysian culture today reflects centuries of interplay with the Chinese. These interactions are not only normal, they are mostly healthy. Societies advance on the back of theses exchanges, and through them find common bonds.

Much of what America is comes from what the left deems cultural appropriation. This includes everything from Rock Music to the potatoes on many dinner tables. A cultural stew where many have added their touch to the base British stock it all started with. Not a patchwork of cultures, but a tapestry reveling a diverse interconnected landscape.

Despite the loony ideas being pushed by collegiate elitist, it is in no way a crime to borrow ideas from those you interact with, but the highest form of compliment. A white person wearing an African shirt on the streets of Liberia, or a Arab man in a suit on the streets of New York is not condemned, the locals properly see it as a compliment and way of connecting to them. Only in the twisted mindset found among elitist liberals can one find such stupidity.

What the left seeks is nothing short of cultural apartheid. A type of schizophrenic society where islands of humanity are constantly at each other’s throats. In contrast, interconnectivity and collective bonding through cultural sharing is the basis for all peaceful coexistence on earth. Something the left likes to preach, but tries to undermine at every turn.

“The Conservative Mind”

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