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https://www.temehu.com/pictures1/edhan-murzuq/edhan-murzuq-sand-dunes13.jpgThe past week saw two examples of leftest dihttps://i0.wp.com/www.catholicnewsagency.com/images/Vice_President_Mike_Pence_Credit_Gage_Skidmore_Wikipedia_CC_30_CNA.jpgsconnect with reality, and the danger they pose to society. The first happened when a 2002 quote from Vice President Pence was dug up. In an interview, he said, except for his wife, he won’t dine alone with any woman if alcohol is served. His remarks quickly incurred the wrath of left wing activists. Many saying it shows team Trump is afraid of powerful women, or even Pence can’t hire a woman then. Another example was the declaration by the Chicago Police Chief that the seven murdershttps://i0.wp.com/www.nirapadnews.com/english/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Chicago-Police-Eddie-Johnson-e1491135489536.jpg in twelve hours in a south side neighborhood were the result of guns. He more than implies that the desire to kill is a function of having guns available. In so doing, he totally ignores the social breakdown that is at the root of the cities woes.

In the case of Pence, it shows how delusional the left has become. Pence saying he won’t go out to have drinks with a woman alone, unless it is his wife, is admirable. For those who deny this reality must of never picked up a tabloid. Nearly every day their are pictures of this star caught out alone with someone other than their mate. The implication is that something must be going on. Correspondingly, nothing gets an office gossip grape vine going more than a rendezvous after work. This is not to mention the number of marriages plowed under each year by casual relationships that are allowed to ferment into intimate ones.

For good or ill, sexual tension between the sexes are unavoidable. This is nature. Add to this the impression dining and drinking gives to others, Pence is quite right to declare this to be beyond his boundaries. Most understand this and see his stand as honorable, the exception being those who have decided human nature does not exist. This story also has some not so obvious connections to the blood flowing in Chicago’s streets.

As noted before, the worst neighborhoods in America were all once relatively safe. Once more, it was at a time when guns were much more readily available. The transfer from kids playing stick ball, to killing and selling drugs, did not happen over night. What is obvious is that guns did not create the violence seen in many inner cities. Neither was it drugs. What the facts show is that drug gangs and violence were born out something else, a moral breakdown. A crisis that has reduced the value of human life.

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/10/f4/fd/10f4fd48264cc20089ae17d228a14113.jpgWhile their is no correlation to be made between gun violence and gun availability, there is something that does. The only correlation that exists is the decline in two parent households. In fact, when corrected for this one issue, all races seem to be in the same boat. Family breakdowns leads to social and societal ones. Kids growing up without proper guidance become hotbeds of anger and disenchantment. Ticking time bombs whose dysfunctionality does not end when they turn eighteen. To address the anger and disillusionment feeding the death and mayhem, one must work to reverse the desegregation of families.

Unfortunately, the disintegration of the traditional family structure is central to the liberal agenda. From the days of Rousseau, who abandoned his children to orphanages, to Marx and the radical feminist today, the family has always been seen as an enemy by the left. If they can’t outlaw it, as one Austrian feminist would like to do to stay at home moms, they try to degrade its value or water it down through redefinition. In a similar fashion, they have decided gender roles must cease. The current transgender movement is a good example. With 40% having attempted suicide and many succeeding, it is one of the most deadly mental disorders. This fact gets exponentially worse for those that have had sex changes. Despite claims to the contrary, the mortality rate does not change if they find acceptance for the disorder or not. It is purely the result of internal struggles eating at their souls.

Add into this such things as support for radical abortion rights, suicide advocacy, euthanasia, and other death related left wing causes; what one has is a total ambivalence towards human life. The left seems not to care about how many lives their policies ruin, or even how many die. How else can one explain the intentional disregard for root causes of crime, murders, and suicides just to advance an agenda? While many liberals trounce along in ignorant bliss, believing they are doing good, many of the elitist leading them know better. They simply do not care. Like Hitler, they have convinced themselves the end justifies the means. No matter the cost in human carnage, they believe their Utopian delusion will be worth it. For societies sake, the liberal lemming masses need to get a clue.

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