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The leftest have been slinging around the word fascist for some time. Apparently believing it makes them sound intellectual, they affixe it to anyone to the right of themselves. Interestingly enough, they never apply it to the world’s two leading fascist states, Russia and China. Maybe, that is because both moved easily to it from communism. To point out such true fascism in action might reveal to many the truth. Fascism/National Socialism is progressivism taken to its logical end. National Socialism is the kissing cousin to the liberal darling Democratic Socialism, and closely related to communism as well. Little surprise that the tactics of the modern left resemble so closely those used by black and brown shirted thugs.

The actions recently seen in Washington D.C., and on college campuses, are reminiscent of those employed by Italian Black Shirts. The assaults on conservative speakers by mobs is especially troubling. Not too long ago it was pies, now it is pepper spray. The question to be asked is, what next? Mussolini’s Black Shirts laid the foundation of Hitler’s Brown Shirts and street assassinations. Today, a similar escalation is not so far fetched.

https://i0.wp.com/www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user3303/imageroot/2017/02/01/20170204_village.jpgThe heated and often absurd rhetoric of Black Lives Matter has already lead to the assassination of cops. As Soros funds an army of paid mercenaries to organize riots and assaults, the likelihood of similar actions against conservatives and Trump supporters is rising. While the President is likely safe, it does not mean he is immune from being made a target. The leftest Irish rag the Village discussed the ethics of killing Trump in a recent issue. While concluding the ethics to be dicey, and not practical, they nonetheless thought it worthy fodder for their readers to contemplate. Some should remember similar things were published about President Bush, with liberal loons fantasizing how it could be done.

In true fascist fashion, some on the left are hoping for a military solution to their Trump problem. Actress Sarah Silverman started the ball rolling when she called for the military bring an end to Trump’s presidency. As if on cue, a former Obama military advisor Rosa Brooks claims the idea is not so far fetched. Revealing her giddy liberal fantasy, she laid out the scenario to Foreign Policy Magazine.

Arguably, violence it seems is bred into liberal DNA, it is part of who they are. Like a pack of hungry wolves, they start out by pestering and testing their prey. As they progress, their tactics get ever more hostile and violent. Once they smell weakness and opportunity, they pounce in unfettered rage. The blood letting of the French Revolution started in the French salons of the wealthy during the philosophe movement. Similarly, the Czar did not see the danger poised by Bolsheviks until it was too late. From Beijing to Caracas, the pattern has remained the same. Calls for justice lead to injustice, free speech to censorship, and nonviolence to violence. Theirs is the liberty of a slave, and a celebration life without living.

While the path of heated rhetoric, followed by riots that lead to revolution, and finally societal enslavement is well worn, it is not yet on the American doorstep.  Unlike Hollywood and the Main Stream Media, most of America does not live in a liberal echo chamber. It won’t be for a lack of trying, but neither the avowed communist who organized the Black Lives Matter movement, nor the Soros funded groups behind the Trump riots, are likely to achieve their goals. The reported spontaneous uprisings against Trump are nothing more than astro-turf puppetry. These antics, while wildly successful historically, are not likely to get far. America is not yet a hotbed of radicals and reactionaries. The silent majority don’t want what the left is selling. They violent dirt bags at Berkley, and the self described nasty women in DC are not representative of America. What main street church goers, and six pack construction workers seek is a return to normalcy. A life where Washington does not infect the lives of people in Anytown, USA.  Ranting loons and rampaging anarchist simply do not fit the bill.

While Trump might not be a working class savior, he is a respite from the liberal onslaught. To the left, he is quintessential threat to what they see as “progress.” What they fear is not that he is the fascist they secretly aspire to be, but that he might actually live up to his promises, and give the country back to the real “forgotten man.” Those people who go to work, pay the taxes, support charities, take kids to sports practice, and go to church. Let’s hope this fear is well grounded.

“The Conservative Mind”

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