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https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/03/b4/c5/03b4c5c7034587c9c1d60ead290b1c14.jpgOne of the reasons the left is so unhinged in regards to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, is the cases coming before the court. One of these cases, Obama’s insane public school transgender bathroom mandate, is front and center in the war for America’s soul. The mandate, which forces schools to virtually eliminate male and female bathrooms in schools, is completely insane.  It also reinforces the idea that the Department of Education should be eliminated.  It is on the back of the Education Department’s federal dollars to local schools this mandate is based.

While the transgender bathroom bill is completely looney, the fact so many have bought into the transgender mythology is worse. Transgender is a euphemism for Sexual Dysphoria, a mental illness.  It has been well known for eons that patronizing mental illness tends to create more of the same.  Simply put, those with borderline psychological issues become totally dysfunctional if they are feel free to indulge the same. For example, if pedophilia was also destigmatized (which might not be far down the left’s to do list) the inevitable result would be an outbreak of kids being molested.

https://i0.wp.com/img.huffingtonpost.com/asset/scalefit_630_noupscale/5852d7ef120000c40beef7dd.jpegThe American College of Pediatricians reinforced this when it slammed the “transgender cover” of National Geographic Magazine.  Sexual Dysphoria is at all times debilitating to the sufferer, but for children it is especially so. One of the more disturbing factors of pediatric Sexual Dysphoria is that it is often the result of parental projection. Parents wishing for a girl instead of a boy, or vice-versa, now feel free to reverse nature. Children, with their inborn need for parental acceptance, will often conform to these desires. In short, dressing up children as the opposite sex and calling them transgender is child abuse.

Others, once on the transgender bandwagon, have come to a similar conclusion. It is this fact that convinced the Mayo Clinic to stop offering sex change operations to adolescences. They understood that sexual reassignment was not a proper treatment for this psychological ailment. The found that the psychosis was treatable, and in fact often reversed on its own. On the other hand, those put under the knife suffered depression and regret later in life, often resulting in suicide.

All of this makes the recent Boy Scouts decision to accept/support this form of child abuse even more disturbing. They are in effect sanctioning this abhorrent liberal induced trend in society. The Scouts, once a proud part of American culture, are becoming tools of the left’s propaganda machine. Sadly, this once great organization is no longer the wholesome organization it once was; parents today are better served not having their kids involved in Scouting.

This all puts the nomination of Judge Gorsuch, Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court,  even more in perspective. While many have been wringing their hands on Abortion rights and maintaining the second amendment, the courts upcoming ruling on transgender bathrooms is even more important. This case is about institutionalizing child abuse as part of the American education system.  Beyond that, it is a giant leap in the lefts agenda to undermine society itself. Once integrated into the fabric of society, Sexual Dysphoria will act as acid weakening its strands in ways no one can predict.

Mental illness is no laughing matter, and demonizing those that suffer from is wrong. On the other end of the spectrum, patronizing it ruins lives as tendencies turn to pathologies. Something the left has never cared about, individual lives are inconsequential except as pawns in advancing their agendas. They have ruined the lives of millions of children, and left whole communities in shambles. Amoral and callous, they are everything they accuse their adversaries of being. It is time to for more conservatives to show some backbone, and stand up to the thugs and mercenaries pushing this radical agenda.

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