The feminist movement has, for most of its history, been of two minds. The dichotomous nature of the movement has swung between those seeking just access to fundamental rights, and those for whom undermining society seemed to be the only goal. Early activists sought the right to vote, while their more radical counterparts fought for prohibition as well. In the 1960’s equal pay was the mantra. While many picketed for respect in the form of just compensation, others burned bras and railed against the nuclear family.

Over the last week this same dichotomy of what it means to be a feminist was on full display. The first part of the week liberal ideologues clogged the streets, stopped traffic and generally made a nuisance of themselves. As if this was not bad enough, the vulgarity and signs on  display would of fit in more at a bordello than a women’s march.

feminist-against-trumpIn sharp contrast, the women of the Right to Life Movement showed power while not sacrificing either their grace or femininity.

prolife-2017This is, of course, nothing new. Where the feminist movement once decried pornography and prostitution, the radicals of today now embrace both. While still protesting females are not objects, they celebrate those that turn them into just that. Often calling themselves sluts, they degrade women while purporting to support them.

may-and-madonnaPrime Minister May and Madonna are near the same age, but the type of image each exudes is worlds apart.

The truth seems to be that Hollywood, and liberal feminist, has no interest in uplifting women or their role in society. Instead, they are purely intent on tearing society to shreds. Among this group, children are no longer considered a women’s concern. For them, the future generation is as disposable as yesterday’s garbage.

This stark contrast in values has been seen in other places as well. The Occupy Wall Street Crowd trashed communities, and illegally created crime riddled tent cities.  The only thing they left behind was piles of trash and vandalized property. Contrast them with the Tea Party, who got permits, and left areas they occupied cleaner than they found them. The Black Lives Matter crowd celebrated a reduced police presence in Baltimore’s poor neighborhoods, while never answering an elderly woman asking who will protect me now?

At the anti-Trump rally the Hollywood speakers, from whom vulgarity flowed like wine at a wedding, showed who they were. Most of those attending could not even vocalize what exactly they were there for. While not as violent as the anarchist smashing windows the day before, these societal Neanderthals stopped traffic and put on a R rated display of liberal lunacy. A numerous minority, their desperate anti-social actions is bound to marginalize them even more in most American’s eyes. Symbols of a failed past, and all that is wrong with the U.S., these angry women have hopefully seen their heyday.

In sharp contrast to the mostly aged angry madams selling out womanhood, the pro-lifers were much more youthful. Millennials formed the core of the right to life march. The youthful, respectful, and optimistic minions gave off sparks of enthusiasm. Parents didn’t need to worry what their children heard among these ladies, or have to cover their eyes. The girls here were cherished, nurtured and inspired to be more than sex objects.

Maybe overly optimistic, but it seems that starlets taking walks in underwear, see through tops, and caught in scandalous behaviour are moving out of favor. Cancerous cells that have metastasized themselves across the globe, they are finally being seen for who they are. A trend that will only increase as marginalization leads to them to even more radical behavior. The truth is, the left’s mask of legitimacy is falling off, revealing its ugliness for all to see.

“The Conservative Mind”

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