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Move over Thailand, step aside Philippines, forget about what’s happening in Afghanistan, now there is government sanctioned child exploitation in the good ole U.S.A. The state of California has provided a last minute Christmas gift to pedophiles and baby pimps. SB1332 forbids the police from interfering with child prostitutes. In the sick twisted minds of states liberal elite, they are merely protecting underage “sex workers” from police harassment. Seemingly, equating a sixteen year old turning tricks to babysitting, the states evil left wing nut-jobs have put a protective barrier between underage sex traffickers and the underage girls and boys they exploit.

The left protests such characterizations, saying the law is merely designed to “protect” underage sex workers by seeing them as “victims,” therefore immune from prosecution. That this immunity equals continued exploitation is seemingly beyond their (and some on the right) comprehension. Only by bringing these kids into legal custody, and off the street, is there any hope. Despite what supporters contend, most children caught soliciting are not just put in juvenile detention, but https://i0.wp.com/media3.s-nbcnews.com/j/newscms/2016_52/1849446/161230-california-prostituion-forum-919a_475789e92b640aa39bdc69616124a072.nbcnews-fp-1200-800.jpginstead are given the help they need. Programs, like the one in Sacramento, forced these kids into rehabilitation programs and dropped charges once complete. These are now banned, instead the law says, police MAY, if certain criteria is met, take such kids into “temporary custody.”  Some point to this tepid part of the law as cover, saying it does not do what it does. What the law does not forbid, it allows: Which means child prostitution is now legal in California, even if patronizing it is not. Additionally, the legal basis for intervention has been eliminated (and nothing put in its place!).

Economically, the perverse incentive will be for pimps to use more underage girls, and boys. Like many things done by the left, they claim they mean well. In this case, many state prosecutors don’t see the connection. Paul Durenberger, an assistant chief district attorney in Sacramento County, told the Sacramento Bee in February that the legislation is similar to “bills that a trafficker would want to write to protect themselves.” Alameda Country Prosecutor, Nancy O’Malley (a long term advocate for exploited children), called it “an open door” for increased child abuse. Other prosecutors have said the bill could work, if there were mechanisms in place for alternative intervention, but there simply isn’t any.

Unfortunately, this outrageous betrayal of societies most vulnerable is par for the liberal course. This is the same state that says any girl or boy wishing to shower with the opposite sex, at any age, can do so. All they need to do is claim to feel like being the opposite sex that day. These are also the same reprobates who approve of mentally disturbed men following little girls into the restrooms, as long as they put on a dress first.

From teaching kindergartners about two mommies, to condom classes for 5th graders, the liberals have been assaulting children for years. In each and every case, the claim the most innocent of intentions. The truth is, there is no limit to what they will do or approve of. Even the murder of babies post-partem and the mentally handicapped is embraced by some of this bunch. If this is not evil, what is?

For them, each pushing of the envelope is merely a prelude to the next one. Homosexual adoption, despite evidence that both the parents and their kids suffer higher rates of mental illness, laid the foundation for gay marriage. Given that the overwhelming evidence that being gay itself is psychological, it was inevitable that this guise would be abandon as well. Merely smoke for their immoral slight of hand, the gay gene myth is now given way to sexual fluidity. Now being preached as fact, this perverse idea teaches children their “sexual identity” is something to be explored. Kiss a boy today, and a girl tomorrow to see how it makes you feel. Sexuality is something to be experimented with is the lie being told. Never mind, the fact that nature subverted by nurture is the quintessential definition of a psychosis. Making children mentally unstable, and therefore, they hope, malleable, seems to be the point.

This leads to the area of school choice. The left simply does not care if kids get educated. Obama himself stopped DC’s successful voucher program, preferring to condemn thousands of kids to lifetime of mediocrity than to give them a glimmer of hope. The reason is simple, they see keeping them under the influence of liberal propaganda as more important than teaching them the three Rs.

It seems that undermining faith, dismantling families, and attacking morality is what the left is all about. They despise the status quo, and all that supports it. For them, massive immigration, attacks on Christianity (while promoting tolerance of the despotic practices of other religions), divisiveness, undermining authority figures, promoting violence etc or all means to an end. If a few innocents must be sacrificed along the way, Baal didn’t mind so why should they?

The end of President Obama’s administration will not mark the end of evil’s march, but hopefully put a dent in it. They have been emboldened by his tolerance and encouragement, and so will not be so easily dissuaded. Nonetheless, conservatives can remain silent no more. No time to mince words, or play their politically correct games. Patronizing the left is akin handing your own offspring to be mangled, torn apart and destroyed upon some pagan altar.

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