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Donald Trump in Front of Nuclear Explosion

An honest liberal is one step away from being a conservative; given the hypocrisy and lies coming from the left these days, a mass conversion is not coming anytime soon. Instead of true introspection, most of the Democratic Party has gone cannibalistic. Watching the once confident elitist turn on one another is great theater, but some of their antics are bordering on being clinically insane.

Unwilling to accept their loss, many have tried to overturn the results. Futile recounts, led to outrages attempts to bully Electoral College members into changing their votes (an attempt that backfired as more of them flipped away from Hillary than abandoned Trump). Now this same crowd is planning lawsuits against the new president and openly talking of impeachment before he has even taken the oath of office.

In the last few weeks, others have sought to associate the President Elect with racism through dubious tactics. There have been multiple cases of Hillary supporters spray painting KKK on private property, lying about being assaulted or threatened by trump supporters. One distraught liberal even burned down a black church in hopes of having it blamed on Trump. In comparison, the serial hoaxster who blamed speaking Arabic for being booted from a flight is rather blasé.

From fake crimes, to “fake news,” Trumps win has encouraged the media to start crusading against fake news outlets. The goal seems not to be cleaning up their own act, but to associate legitimate conservative news outlets with conspiracy sites. A clear attempt to undermine those who do not tow the liberal line. Truth be known, those hawking the fake news story-line have been the ones most frequently guilty of it. Twisting truth, making up facts, and selling misleading narratives have been the mainstream’s bread and butter for some time.

It seems the more Donald Trump goes on Twitter, the more the left becomes unhinged. Suggesting America strengthen its Nuclear Triad put many Democrats into cardiac arrest. That came on the heals of daring to suggest Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. To the reality challenged, such actions are crushing blows to their facts be damned worldview. The nuclear arsenal is becoming decrepit, even as potential adversaries upgrade theirs. Jerusalem as capital of Israel was never a negotiable item, to pretend otherwise was exercise in bad faith. Even the Obama administration covertly acknowledges this; the “consulate” in Jerusalem answers to DC, not Tel Aviv, and is responsible for almost all the functions usually associated with an Embassy.

The unhinged reactions of the left are not limited to street Neanderthals burning buildings, or vandalizing property, but includes an A list of left wing leaders as well. Celebrities, politicians and news outlets have caught the bug. Even President Obama, who had a moment of lucidity after the election, is now on a rampage. He is set on burning bridges as he goes on his final retreat. Using his executive pen, the same week he chided Trump not to do the same, he marked millions of acres of shoreline off limits to drilling. In the UN, he pushed for an opportunity to betray Israel publicly. In a moment of sheer stupidity, he had the U.S. abstain on a U.N. vote to condemn Israel for building much needed housing on its own land. A vote he arranged in the first place.

What the left will never comprehend is that Trump is a hazy reflection of themselves. A less virulent inverse of what the far left has been for years. His in you face style, while grating to many, is mild compared to the antics of the LGBT, Black Lives Matter, and college speech police crowds. Conversely to these factually challenged lunatics, much of what Trump has said actually has a basis in reality.

Unlike those creating havoc across the nation, Trump is connecting with main street Americans. From real things like demanding accountability in government, to publicity stunts like he pulled off with Carrier, Trump’s version of populism tugs at America’s center. Since the election, his rather limited appeal is becoming more wide spread.  There is little doubt, if the vote were held today, Trump would devastate Hillary Clinton to an even worse degree. In contrast, the left, by seemingly doubling down on the delusional policies of the past, is committing political suicide.

What should be painfully obvious, as uncouth as Trump is, he has a much firmer grasp on reality than the left. He actually recognizes Iran is a bad actor, whose menacing shadow looms large over Middle Eastern stability. He sees China as a papier mache tiger with real teeth, and that continually kowtowing to them has put the whole region at risk. And there is of course radical Islam (emphasis on the term radical). Calling it out its war on Christendom is long over due. All of this sends shivers down what the left calls its spine.

With little doubt, much of the left will become even kookier in the coming months. No longer coddled, and with no safe zone in sight, they are being forced into a form of shock therapy. Something that should be fun to watch.

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