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In the final push in the race for the White House, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are locked in a dead heat. It might be anybody’s game, but the edge still goes to Clinton.  As noted,  this is a race between two statist whose vision for America differ more in approach than substance on most issues. Still, the areas where they do differ are noteworthy. Among these are guns, immigration, and who should be on the Supreme Court. One more notable difference is that Trump has never sold out his country’s interest. The truth is, Donald does seem to have some sort of value system hidden under his layers of ego. Hillary, on the other hand, has sold out her country, and as president would likely do so again. Where Trump skirts the law and even steps over its boundaries now and then, Hillary has shown that she sees herself as above the law, the constitution and even the rules of human decency. While Trump can’t be trusted to keep his promises, and is a bit of an enigma as far as what he will really do, Hillary is an open book in that respect, she will try to build on Obama’s legacy: Destroying what is left of the country the founding fathers created.

Given all of this, this site’s parting shot for this election comes from the candidates themselves. Behold, Trumps and Hillary’s final ads.

It seems Hillary understands that her most, and likely only, endearing quality is she is not Trump, and is playing on that. Trump’s greatest asset (and liability) is he speaks what he thinks, and even before he thinks, some of which hits home with Americans tired of living in the nightmare Obama has created. He is obviously trying to show himself as the lifeline to those drowning in Obama’s ocean of despair.

Bill Whittle has an interesting take on the choice before the American People as well, working Hillary’s angle of not being the other guy. In this case, he compares Hillary to a Turnip.

It is now up to the voters to choose. The only options are between a fear mongering immoral, dangerous left wing kook and liar, or a rich, nearly clueless, narcissist who at least offers some glimmer of hope (even if it might end up being a mirage). Put another way, the American people have been given the choice between two door prizes. A bag of dung, or dirty smelly one marked surprise. The contents of both might be the same, but at least the latter could hold something in store beyond just crap. Of course, there is the argument that Trump will contaminate the conservative movement beyond repair. Then again, what is the movement if the country itself is left in ruin? Damn if you do, and damn if you don’t, the question is which is less damnable?

Now all that is left is to go vote your conscious, or at least try to make the least unconscionable decision you can.

“The Conservative Mind”

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