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Lord Acton’s axiom, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, is more often true than not. Absolute corruption can also flow from egos to big too be contained by mere conscience alone. In the case of the Clintons, it seems to have been more than a bit of both.

Bill has skirted scandals since he was governor of Arkansas. His sexual escapades are well known, and have cost him dearly. Still, for being fined close to a million dollars, and banned from practicing law, he has managed to do okay. Of course, many of the scandals surrounding Bill have never really been dealt with. The renting of the Lincoln bedroom for political profit, his shady pardons, and even the Chinese money that flowed into his campaign coffers while he allowed the communist giant access to ICBM related technology.

As distasteful as Bill has been, he has always had stiff competition from his wife. Hillary and Bill have made quite the couple. While Hillary may not be the sexual predator her husband has been, she has bragged in the past about defending one. More often than not , she has played the manipulative elitist to his conniving opportunist, with each being adept at taking over the others role.

As first lady, she hid her Rose Law Firm files, saying she didn’t know where they were. That was until she left them on the White House coffee table and the maid found them. She also illegally fired people from the travel office, and with Bill had private FBI files of political adversaries delivered to them. True to the adage a leopard does not change its spots, upon becoming Secretary of State she continued the same pattern.

As Sec. State Hillary oversaw a transfer of twenty percent of the world’s uranium supply to the Russians, while the couple received millions from the Russians in speaking fees. The wheeling dealing did not stop there. Utilizing her and Bill’s Clinton Foundation, she pried tens of millions out of foreign governments and world leaders. No single person in U.S. history has gone to such lengths to trade power for personal profit, certainly no one of as high a rank as Mrs. Clinton.

According to AP, over half of private entities who met with her as Secretary of State ended up giving to her “charity.” Fortune noted that one should add to that 156 million dollar total, the 170 million governments gave her charity after similar meetings. It is worth noting, that according to the State Department’s (DoS) Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) representation of private entities, including charities, while on official business, or representing oneself as a government employee, is strictly forbidden. The FAM regulations have the effect of law for DoS employees, and all State Department must undergo annual ethics training to ensure they do not violate them.

All of this might be forgiven, if the charity was known for its good works.  The truth is much of the money it raises never leaves Clinton land. For example, the two biggest “charities” the foundation gives to are the Clinton Library and the Clinton Global initiative. Both of which exist solely to advance the Clintons themselves. The recently uncovered memo from an insider revealed how corporate arm twisting, on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, also included direct enrichment of the the Clintons as well. Even when Foundation Money goes outside Clinton Inc, there are almost never any grants of money. Instead it does its “charity” directly, making transparency and accountability nearly impossible. Even so, its ugly practices became apparent in Haiti. Few can forget the Bush and Clinton commercials to raise money for the relief effort. What few know is that the money funneled through the Clinton’s foundation went to cronies. They took billions and left a few tin shacks and broken promises for the trouble. One Haitian journalist called it predatory humanitarianism, she apparently felt like being kind.

The cloak and dagger pattern of the Clinton machine spilled over in other ways as well. Hillary’s hidden email server, and subsequent deletion of 30,000 emails under subpoena is now well known.  Despite claims of ignorance, she knew it was illegal as the leaked emails stolen from Clinton’s campaign director, John Podesta, show. Her routine acknowledgement that she is aware of the dangers poised by Chinese and Russian hackers belies her claimed naivete as well. She simply did not care she was violating the espionage act, the rules of the Department. of State, and the public trust. All of this serves only to bring into sharper focus what kind of devils she and her husband are.

Trump, on the other hand, likes to embellish the truth, push his weight around, and is an overall jerk with a severe ego problem. While he may be a sleaze ball when it comes to women, and even had brushes with the mob, there has never been any evidence of him selling out the country. He is also a con man who, as a business associate once said, likes to push as far as the law allows and sometimes a bit more, but he nonetheless has limits. Hillary, on the other hand, has no limits of any kind. She is ruthless, self-absorbed, and willing to forfeit even the country’s future to benefit herself. Trump is no saint, but he isn’t the devil incarnate either. The jury is still out on Hillary.

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