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As Hurricane Matthew bears down on the Atlantic seaboard, it has been unleashing torrents of rain, destruction and death on the residents there. The much maligned first responders have had their hands full dealing with the havoc wreaked by the storm. Luckily for the residents of the Carolinas, they were spared the full fury of the hurricane after Florida and Georgia took the brunt of what the storm had to offer. The few brave souls who decided to wait the storm out did so against all advice. Betting their futures on the roll of nature’s dice.

Coincidentally, another storm of quite a different nature has also been taking a toll as well. Unfortunately, there is no shelter for Republicans from the terror bearing down on them. Typhoon Trump continues to wreak its own kind of havoc, and threatens to destroy the party of Lincoln. Unlike Matthew, the political storm surrounding Trump shows no signs of weakening. This is because the candidate himself is the source of the energy powering its destructive force. The latest furor over his remarks about women has many up in arms, and others fleeing for shelter where they can find it. With all the bravado and class of a street pimp, Trump showed once again that his fifth grade intellect has no boundaries. There seems to be nothing too low for him to contemplate or verbalize.

More are now realizing what others have long known. Trump’s nomination was disastrous for both the Republican Party and the nation as a whole. Hillary Clinton is by far the worst candidate the Democrats have put forth for President in modern times, the only prayer they have to keep the White House was for the Republicans to dig deep and find an even worse person to oppose her. They succeeded in answering the Democrat’s prayers admirably.

This latest fiasco has succeeded in doing something that other one’s have not, gotten the Republican candidate to apologize. The truth is, the tape in question was more a reflection of The Donald participating in pubescent level bravado than anything else. But, for Donald this is not a one off, and it feeds the story line the Democrats are selling about the man. What is clear is the the worst enemy Trump has is himself. He tends to be as presidential as Porky Pig, and show all the tact of Al Pacino in Scarface.

Probably, the best thing for Donald Trump’s handlers to do is keep the candidate out of the limelight. He has been sucking all the air out of the room, and as a consequence the unending scandal that is the Clinton political machine is being ignored. When one candidate is caught in gutter talk, and the other in yet another illegal act the public doesn’t fully comprehend, the more salacious of the two will get the headline every time. In the race for negative press, Trump has been consistently Trumping Hillary. Unfortunately, any strategy based on keeping the Republican nominee from being himself is likely to fail. In any case, when one has been as classless for as long as Trump has, there are bound to be closets busting at the seams with scandals and skeletons waiting for their turn to see the light of day. Each bold enough to catch the public eye more than the esoteric illegalities, financial improprieties, and the stream of peevish lies that are the hallmark of Clintonian politics.

As has been noted by many, this happens at the most inopportune time. While all can marvel at the ferocity of a large hurricane, and be mesmerized by the present political equivalent, the real disaster is ongoing. The Obama presidency has done more to destabilize the world, undermine the country’s financial stability, and erode liberty than all previous office holders combined. Just as damaging is, the success of President Obama at dividing Americans, especially along racial lines. Clinton is bound to continue the Obama legacy, with Trump slightly less so.

The future at this point might be unknown, but for certain things are going to get even more challenging. No matter who wins, the likelihood of financial collapse will continue to hang over America’s head. The legacy of worldwide chaos Obama has left is not going away anytime soon, nor are the poisonous divisions he planted into the American psyche. In fact, chances are that, while Hillary will only make all of this worse, Trump will deepen some of them as well. To paraphrase Bette Davis, ‘buckle up gentlemen, it is going to get bumpy.’

“The Conservative Mind”

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