Dark days are these, as the United States spirals for an abyss of its own making, the only potential saviors are a perverse populist demagogue and a self-indulgent elitist. Between the two of them, there lies a desert where not a shred of human decency can be found. Whether the Trump or Hillary wins the White House, the resultant disaster will be of historic proportions.

Those who support Secretary Clinton blindly accept her lies as truth and excuses at face value. She can do no wrong, no matter how wrong she is. Trump supporters are just as blind. They seem to live in their own world where The Donald’s falling poll numbers, and constant flow of contradictions don’t exist. Like Ron Paul supporters, reality is a vessel they have long left.  For the America public, the election is a nightmare that they can’t seem to wake up from. The majority of country believe neither is qualified for the highest office of the most powerful nation on earth. A few hearty souls have ventured out of their comfort zone to support Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate. While the former New Mexico Governor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they see him as better than a cup of arsenic and old lace. In short, somewhere between hell no, and no way in hell they have settled on what the hell. This is simply not the way the elections are suppose to be!

There is something unsettling about an election whose central theme is a total lack of integrity. A scenario that asks the American electorate to shed itself of any allegiance to principal and just vote against whatever is their worst fear. Just as everything else this election season, attempts to choose the lesser of two evils is not cut and dry. For some Republicans, Trump is so repulsive they have settled on voting for Hillary, whereas some Democrats are holding their noses for Trump to avoid casting their lots in with Clinton.

Ever since Donald Trump set out on his publicity stunt that got way out of hand, he has been blathering half coherently in a sort of left’s cartoonish version of conservatism, that is when he is not supporting those things that are an antitheses to it. Even when he hints at some unspoken truth, like the fact Barack Obama is essentially responsible for letting ISIS grow into a leviathan of terror, as well as encouraging massive bloodshed in the form of Arab civil wars, he does it in such a way as to divorce the valid point from reality. Destroying the ability to hang this most deserving albatross around Obama and Hillary’s necks. This is not to say he has not had some lucid thoughts lately (thanks to using a teleprompter), but sane words from the mouth of a suspected lunatic are usually ignored. Some have suspected either Donald to be brilliantly instituting a master plan to destroy the Republican party, or a buffoon whose IQ really does match his low brow rhetoric. In either case, he would be wholly unqualified to be President of the United States.

As for Hillary, from putting a for rent sign on the Lincoln bedroom, hiding Rose law firm records, to todays blatant peddling influence for cash via the Clinton Foundation, there has never been such a despicable candidate for president as Hillary. Both her and her husband have sold out the country in one way or another. Via Benghazi and Libya, she added international political incompetence to her resume as well. An unethical liar of the highest order, whose self-serving ego knows no bounds, she is not fit to be dog catcher, let alone president.

Both are supporters of big government and the kind of crony capitalism that makes normal people cringe. Their main points of contention are 1. Trump supports the second amendment, with caveats, and opposes the first while Hillary opposes both,  2. Trump opposes continuation of the suicidal immigration policy trumpeted by both Clinton and Obama, and 3. While both Clinton and Trump’s moral compasses spin like a plane propeller, Trump’s philosophical leanings do as well. For many, the slim threads of points one and two are enough for them to gather the courage to pull the lever for Trump, for others the last one make the first two mute.

This all brings America to a point of having what looks to be essentially a lost election. One whose outcome is likely irrelevant, but whose ramification are bound to reverberate for generations. Glen Beck declared the Republican party dead. On this point, he is likely correct. Like the Whig Party they replaced, the Republicans have lost their way. Beholden to special interest, they counter weight the Democrats only in who pulls their strings.

This elections only redeeming virtue is the fertilizer it might provide for growing a new liberty movement. That said, it could also be its death knell. Pray it is the first.

“The Conservative Mind”

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