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There often rises among the throngs of humanity an archetypal type of evil. Known throughout history for his ability to manipulate the masses, he uses lies to gain control over them. H.L. Mencken, the noted journalist and commentator on the human condition, called him a Demagogue who preaches “doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.” The truth is most followers of demagogues are not idiots, but people whose ignorance leaves them open to exploitation. Of course, science uses another word to describe these amoral manipulators of mankind, psychopaths.

There has never been a time when men such as these were not around.  Grand schemers, they care not who they hurt or how many. Almost paradoxically, they are nearly always men of the left, individuals who claim to care about the less fortunate. The movements they start often take on lives of their own, destroying lives in the name of justice, peace or even freedom. Some of these movements, like the French Revolution and communist uprisings, have destroyed nations. This is the tradition from which Black Lives Matter (BLM) has sprung.

Like the Weather Underground and the New Black Panthers, BLM claims to be seeking justice, but are merely thugs. Using the fertile ground of paranoia and hate tilled by likes of Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton, Black Lives has recruited angry men and women to its cause. BLM leaders, armed with lies that feed into false perceptions, manipulate others for their own personal gain. That murder rates have skyrocketed in places where their poison has taken hold is of little consequence, nor are the black owned businesses they have helped destroy.

Hundreds of lives have been needlessly lost due to lowered police presence in poor neighborhoods. A pull back due wholly to the pressure exerted by BLM thugs. As disturbing, police have been assassinated across the country by those under the influence of BLM propaganda. A trend that has culminated in the mass shooting of officers in Dallas. Black Lives Matter has proven it is just another incarnation of same old evil that has sprung up before.

The truth is, only 25% of police shootings are of blacks. A recent study by Harvard Professor found what is already well known; statistics show no evidence of bias or targeting of blacks by police! Of course, these facts do not fit the narrative of those pulling the BLM strings, so they are simply denied. What has become undeniable at this point is the one thing that does not matter to Black Live Matter is black lives.

Unapologetic, the psychopaths in charge of BLM vow to carry on. America’s most powerful terrorist group will inspire more and more bloodletting until they are finally crushed by the rising backlash. In the end, they will have accomplished nothing but evil, tilling the fertile soil of black anger deeper and planting seeds other demagogues will water.

A tragedy for everyone concerned, there are no Black Lives Matter winners. The plague of the inner city is not poverty, nor is it white suppression. Harlem in the fifties was a calm, safe place where children played outside and doors were unlocked. Today doors are not only locked, but often bolted and chained as well. Not only this, but windows are barred, and the shopkeepers hide behind bulletproof glass. No white cop did this, and the locks are not there to keep whites from adjacent neighborhood at bay. As with the failing schools and the impoverished state of the people living in Harlem, Chicago, Compton and other inner cities, the problems are self-inflicted. The residents bought into the liberal victimhood mentality and threw aside that which held their communities together. Family, church, and traditions where dumped like old rags by enough to leave their world in tatters.

Compounding the tragedy of liberal lies and policies, vultures pretending to be doves have descended on the dying culture of black America. Exasperating the problems, and misdirecting people from the true causes, these men have driven tragedy into despair.

It is time that America stop crying over senseless murders, or blaming the tools used, and do a little reflecting on the whys. Why are once safe neighborhood now virtual war zones? Why do so many youths feel so hopeless? What/who is making them so angry? If such self-reflection is done honestly, the truth is not hard to see. Progressive Liberalism is a deadly disease, a type of insanity that devours the mind and lays waste to all it touches.

“The Conservative Mind”

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